Summary of Hadith Rejecters’ Claims. 1. A) We, Quranists, do not make a distinction between obeying Allah and obeying His Messenger, Salla-Allahu alayhi wa. I’ve been watching this debate between brother Adnan Rasheed and a Hadith rejector which i found interesting. And it exposes the depths of. Does the one who rejects a saheeh hadith become a disbeliever? One of the brothers rejects some of the saheeh hadiths that are narrated in.

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Brown begins it with a forceful statement where he says:.

Casting off tradition has been a common theme in the calls of Muslim Martin Luthers for over a century. That Muslims would have significant figures arise throughout our history to renew the religion is not an aberration.

This begs a question for us to ponder. Why is the tradition attacked with such fervour? On the one hand, yes, there have been some intensely dramatic changes in the way politics, economics, and society operate, and unfortunately very few Muslim scholars have tried to adapt accordingly.

However, despite their best attempts, Islam is by nature going to have an adversarial manifestation in societies that reject God having anything to say to them. So to what degree should Muslims expect reformation to have on the religion? It appears that the political context has a lot to do with this. Defined more by their erstwhile role as the comprador to the colonial power than by wealth, more a cultural group than a class, this elite body both opposed the complete integration of an imported Western identity and also deeply disliked the traditional, extremely conservative Islam controlled and propagated by the ulama.


Hadith Rejectors and the “Quran Only” Movement

This movement seems to appeal to a particular subset of Muslims. Caught between the rock and a hard place, it seems that in the sincere attempt to explain why Muslims were overcome by colonialists was the emotional disdain for the hadit and the colonized self.

I am new to the book rejectprs and am happy to have taken the plunge starting with this book. I have really been unable to put the book down and just finished it today, going back on my notes now.

Reply to common arguments of Hadith Rejectors

It is worth noting that Dr. Brown mentions that the movement never enjoyed a large volume of followers.

Perhaps the concept of such a movement existing attracts more attention than it deserves. I noticed this with other small factions and schisms in Islamic History which resulted in much scholarly rebuttal, even having more pages written against them than the number of historical proponents. It appears that this group took a highly rational view of scripture and whether sincere or not, chose to maintain their association to the religion in whatever format acceptable to them.


Thus rejecting the Hadith was a necessary step in solidifying their stance.

No doubt one of the reasons the movement was accepted and perhaps promoted by the British. In the modern world, the desire for acceptance in the wider society is perhaps another motivator to adopt such an approach.

Hadith Rejectors and the “Quran Only” Movement – Andalus Online

If you take out the hadiths you are left with so many questions. They say to accept the Quran only but by rejecting the hadiths then surely you are rejecting the Quran? February 28, at 8: Mohamed Ghilan, Phd Keymaster.

Brown begins it with a forceful statement where he says: March 3, at 7: Ghilan, I am new to the book club and am happy to have taken the plunge starting with this book. March 5, at 2: You must be logged in to reply to this topic.

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