This Handbook is intended to serve as the basic reference point on image and video .. Introduction to Digital Image and Video Processing Alan C. Bovik. Handbook of Image and Video Processing (Communications, Networking and Multimedia) View colleagues of Alan C. Bovik. Handbook of Image and Video Processing will also serve as a textbook for courses such as digital image processing, digital image analysis, Alan C. Bovik.

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This Handbook is intended to serve as the basic reference point on image and video processing, in the field, in the research laboratory, and in the classroom. Each chapter has been written by carefully selected, distinguished experts specializing in that topic and carefully reviewed by the Editor, Al Bovik, ensuring that the greatest depth of understanding be communicated to the reader.

Coverage includes introductory, intermediate and advanced topics and as such, this book serves equally well as classroom textbook as reference resource.

Includes a new chapter on image processing education, which iamge prove invaluable for those developing or modifying their curricula. Covers the various image and video processing standards that exist and hanvbook emerging, driving today’s explosive industry. Offers an understanding of what images are, how they are modeled, and gives an introduction to how they are perceived. Introduces the necessary, practical background to allow engineering students to acquire and process their own digital image or video data.


Culminates with a diverse set of applications chapters, covered in sufficient depth to serve as extensible models to the reader’s own potential applications About the Editor. He has published over technical articles in the general area of image and video processing and holds two U.

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