In his article “Museums: Managers of Consciousness”, Haacke describes how museums are increasingly shifting their model of operation to. They are, if you want to put it in positive terms, great educational institutions. If you want to put it in negati ” – Hans Haacke quotes from Haacke H.’Museums, managers of consciousness’ B. Wallis (Ed.), Hans Haacke: unfinished business, New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York and MIT.

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No citation, sorry, I lent my copy and it walked Although the product under discussion appears to be quite slippery, it is by no means inconsequential, as cultural functionaries from Moscow to Washington make clear every day. And this attitude, in turn, will have an effect on the type of products we will soon begin to see. Thus the business mentality has always been conspicuously strong at the decision-making level of private museums in the United States.

It was never easy for museums to preserve or regain a degree of maneuverability and intellectual integrity.

Every museum is perforce a political institution, no matter whether it is privately run or maintained and supervised by consciouusness agencies. Ludwig may have risked his reputation as a connoisseur of art, but by buying into the Soviet consciousness industry he proved his taste for sweet deals. Those engaged in collaboration with the public relations conscioueness of companies rarely see themselves as promoters of acquiescence.

This is a really good survey of issues, problems, and questions. Aside from the reasons already mention, the discomfort in applying industrial nomenclature to works of art may also have to do with the fact that manager products are not entirely physical in nature.

Whether such neutralizing is performed with deliberation or merely out of habit or lack of resources is irrelevant: Other papers carry these items under equally innocuous titles, such as “culture,” “entertainment,” or “lifestyle.


More recently, Ludwig recapitalized his company by selling a collection of medieval manuscripts to the J.

Museums: Managers of Consciousness

It is the result of a collective historical endeavor, embedded in and reflecting particular value system, aspiration, and goals. As long as an institution is not squeamish about company involvement in press releases, posters, advertisements, and its exhibition catalogue, its grant proposal for such an extravaganza is likely to be examined with sympathy.

The Whitney Museum has even gone one step further. But it is important to recognize that the codes hxns by artists are often not as clear and unambiguous as those in other fields of communication. By funding the arts, corporations bring notoriety to their business, they use it as a way of marketing and bringing their name to the public at large, as well as large tax relief in which tax payers become the grunt of corporate profit.

Instead of enrolling in arts administration courses taught according to the Harvard Business School’s case method, they have learned their skills on the job. Generally, such companies look for events that are “exciting,” a word that pops up in museum press releases and catalogue prefaces more often than any other.

Not only could such a policy attract sophisticated personnel, but it also projected an image of the company as a mkseums corporate citizen and advertised its products-all things which impress investors.

In addition, it is possible to argue over the extent to which the physical object determines the manner in which the receiver decodes it.

The staging of an international exhibition such as a Biennale concsiousness a Documenta presents a major managerial challenge with repercussions not only for what is being managed, but also for the future career of the executive in charge. I think they do so musseums good reason. Staying within the acceptable range of divergent views must be perceived as the natural thing to do.

The product of the consciousness industry, however, is not only elusive because of its seemingly nonsecular nature and its aspects of intangibility. Whether museums contend with governments, power-trips of individuals, or the corporate steamroller, they are in the business of molding and channeling consciousness.


To compound these problems, there are the historical contingencies of the codes and the unavoidable biases of those who decipher them. Even though they may not agree with the system of beliefs dominant at the time, their options not to subscribe to them and instead to promote an alternative consciousness conscioushess limited.

Hans Haacke – Wikiquote

Newer Post Older Post Home. This does not exclude the sub rosa promotion of the interests of the ultimate boss. As honorable as such and endeavor is-and it is still a valid goal to strive for-it suffers from idealist delusions about the nonpartisan character of consciousness.

Those who in fact plan and execute industrial strategies tend, whether by inclination or need, to mystify art nuseums conceal its industrial aspects and often fall for their own propaganda. Following their own ideological inclinations and making them national policy, President Reagan and Mrs.

That artist bypassing museums and corporate art funding all together, they can take back their meaning and their power.

Although he did not specifically elaborate on the art world, his article did refer to it in passing.

Hans Haacke | CCTP Topics in CCT

In turn, collectors often do their collecting with the assistance of a paid staff. Many individual donors could no longer contribute at the accustomed rate, and inflation eroded the purchasing power of funds.

Supplanting the traditional bohemian image of the art world with that of a business operation could also negatively affect the marketability of its products and interfere with fundraising efforts. Their stance and what is crafted under its auspices have not only theoretical but also definite social implications.