View Homework Help – Harnischferger Case from ACG at Florida International University. Harnischfeger Corporation 1. Describe clearly the accounting. Agenda Case Facts Strategy Analysis Accounting Analysis. Directions Read the “Harnischfeger Corp” case study and answer the following questions. Submit your completed assignment no later than the last day of Week .

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Harnischfeger Corporation – ppt video online download

My own belief is that people adjust for the obvious things like one-time gains and losses but have difficulty in adjusting for ongoing differences. The Role of Finance in Business. Compute the ratio of the allowance to gross receivables receivables before the allowance in and Since the company recently harjischfeger the painful consequences of violating these restrictions, it is plausible that the management changed the accounting policies to avoid future violations of the debt restrictions.

To use this website, you must agree to our Syudy Policyincluding cookie policy. Avoid the violation of debt covenant restrictions, and 4. As a company you have to put the best foot forward if you want to raise capital, convince customers that you are a viable company, and attract talented people to work for the company. Download ppt “Harnischfeger Corporation”. The financial management of the company also seems to be sound.

In accounting there is no such thing as absolute truth. This strategy is likely to help the company to move away from the mining and construction equipment business, which is a low-growth and cyclical industry, to a higher-growth and more stable business. The instructor should challenge the students by asking: Depreciation is a method that reduces the value of capital assets over time Switch from accelerated to straight line retroactively Revenues Less: What is the effect of the depreciation lives harnoschfeger


There is considerable evidence in finance and accounting literature that shows that the capital markets are generally efficient. If debt covenants are specified in terms of accounting numbers, managers have an incentive to choose accounting policies to minimize the violation of the covenants. I am not sure whether people make the adjustments or not, but either way we wish to present an optimistic version of the picture and let people figure out what to do with the numbers.

My own belief is that people adjust for the obvious things like one-time gains and losses but have difficulty in adjusting for ongoing differences. Meaning that the net loss of previous year was reduced by approximately How will this change affect profits in future years? If people adjust for the differences in accounting policies when they compare us with other companies, then it should not matter whether we follow conservative or liberal policies. This is just a sample.

Also, profit margin dropped from 1.

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How to Write Essay in Third Person. The liquidation means selling of older inventory since the current sales are higher then current purchases then the liquidation will occur and as result any inventory not sold in previous periods must be liquidated.


How to Write a Critical Analysis. Be as specific as possible. They need to stop playing with accounting methods and hiding the true story otherwise they will be in danger to not survive in a long run.

Home Papers Harnischfeger Corporation. Are these changes likely to affect future profits? Then clearly we are better off following the more liberal policies than conservative policies. As a result of going to strait-line the company also has changed its estimated depreciation lives on certain U.

Harnischfeger Corporation

The instructor should ask the class to identify the latter-type decisions among the above. The instructor should point this out to the class and ask: How much did the pre-tax income increase as a result of the changed ratio in ? I feel that the financial reporting should help rather than hinder the implementation of our operating trategy.

The reduction in benefits and wedges were significant from to The instructor can sum up the class discussion on question 2 by mentioning the views of the management described above. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. Therefore, the accounting changes helped the management report a significant profit rather than a modest loss. Without additional research, it is difficult to make conclusive statements on stuyd issue.

The same underlying reality can be accounted for using a range of assumptions.

This is likely to happen if there are no significant penalties associated with such behavior.