The Blood of Christ. Thu, Nov 08, by Harold B Sightler. Series: Pulpit Hour. Dr. Harold B. Sightler. Share. Audio:listendownload · CAN GOD, GOD CAN. Mrs. Harold B. Sightler, the “First Lady” of Tabernacle Baptist Church and the wife of the Prince of Preachers in the Southland, died early Thursday morning, Oct. NAME, SPEAKER, MESSAGE TITLE. The Marvelous Grace of God · Dr Harold Sightler, The Marvelous Grace of God. Handfuls On Purpose · Dr Harold Sightler .

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We live in a morally toxic society in America. After a time of praying my Dad asked Sightlef to preach. The Grace Of God. The Unfinished Work of Christ. Graves, the 19th century editor of the Tennessee Baptist, which my Dad always recommended that his students read. These men who had borrowed for the first building were among the first deacons of the church.

Province, who had been called as moderator by a deacon at Morgan Memorial. Sightler was a prince of preachers, with a resonant voice in a deep southern accent pronouncing unflinching, uncompromising truths and at the same time presenting God’s grace with haeold pathos. He then asked me to take these courses and I have taught them to the present, in the same way that he did.

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Smith was a friend of John T. He also was close to C. He had been prepared for walking so much by his paper routes he carried as a schoolboy. Brother Norman then took a number of his members and organized Hampton Avenue Baptist Church as an independent work in Lucille played the piano, but only from books written in shaped notes.


People often came by the site and gave money for the building while it was under construction and even before the revival in July and the organization on the third Sunday in July. She also played the organ for Horace’s solos before Minnie Brewer took over that task. Uncle Charlie Mount was a dispensational Bible teacher as was Henry Greer, chairman of the board of deacons at Pelham.

This building had once been an automobile repair shop, with concrete floor. Ruckman, according to the conversation I had with him on October 17,never mentioned his difficulties with sighhtler administration at BJU to my Dad, and my Dad never gave him any advice in regard to those problems. Afterbecause of continued agitation against it, the Church Hymnal was discarded completely. He was so impressed with their singing and with that particular song that he had it sung at Pelham, from small paper back Stamps-Baxter songbooks that were used to supplement the Broadman Hymnal.

The Judgment Seat of Christ. Bennett Collins a group of local preachers led by Brother Norman, at some point soon after Oliver was asked to leave, went to North Greenville and confronted the President of the college over Oliver’s treatment. Commentary On Hebrews 9: Horace later went on to develop his singing style through educating himself by close observation of popular and religious soloists. Bennett Collins told me that he first met my Dad in at Oliver’s Newberry tent meeting.

Bob asked me where I planned to go to college. Caldwell preached my Dad’s ordination sermon at East Park. Sparks, who later built the main auditorium inwere present at a meeting with associational leaders in late at Earle Street Baptist Church in Greenville.


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He is the grandson of Jerome Sightler, who was my Dad’s uncle. Something’s That Disturb Me.

The Burns Trio first sang at Tabernacle in latein the chapel, with C. His radio budget for the Bright Spot Hour had by then reached about dollars a month. We moved into it about June or July of Paul’s Three I Ams.

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The objections were based on its content of old time camp meeting songs and on its publication by a division of Pathway Press, Tennessee Music and Printing Company, in Cleveland, TN, which is associated with the Church of God. Commentary On James Part 2. At that time the Broadman was available in shape note form, and naturally that was what we had at Pelham. Oliver had been asked to leave North Greenville sgihtler of pre-millennialism and because of his fervent preaching, his tent and street preaching, and his belief that believers can and should be filled with the Spirit.

Gaulden was pastor, about Harold Taylor, Christine Talley, and I formed this trio.

Brother Driggers was also often present at meetings at J. They also sang live on the Bright Spot Hour.