The time of fluidization in a jig can thus be controlled in such a way as to make Plunger jigs are typified by variations of the Harz Jig (Figure ) that provide. HARTZ TYPE JIG. • List item here. • List item here. • List item here. • List item here . Over 50 years, Mineral Process. Equipment Pvt. Ltd. has enabled cus-. mineral jig and Harz jig. The operating variables used to determine the effectiveness of jigging include, particle size, velocity of water and amplitude. Recovery of.

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The method in both cases is the same. Hancock jig tested during regular operation.

Definition of Harz jig

This calls for another paper. We will therefore consider that next. It is shown on line through sieve 0. It is similar to the ordinary plunger type of jig except that the plunger action is supplanted by a pulsating water current. This is because it is very difficult to examine exactly what take place in actual process of practical jigging.

It may be further remarked that with all the pocket-classifiers, the water in the pocket must have the same rising-velocity as that in the sorting-column in order that they may both lift the same size of grain.

Tanks may be welded steel plate. This First discovery shows a remarkable advance from the diameter-ratio of free-settling.

Hurz jig are usually built of wood, but construction of concrete has been reported. By David Michaud T Taking from the paper, Close Sizing Before Jigging, the free-settling ratios for a fall of 9 in. Mineral Jigs for Concentration of Lead Ores The following notes are taken from results obtained on a standard ft.

All of which is as satisfactory as possible. It is suited for non-metallic or open-circuit work in the laboratory especially where a large quantity of concentrate must be obtained.

The Anaconda method of allowing them to go narz in a settling-pond, where the bulk of them settle in sufficient time to the bottom of the pond, is one method of handling this product, but owing to the low percentage of values and the large quantity of gangue, it cannot be said to be a satisfactory solution of the problem. In these we can readily see the coarse galena mixed with small quartz in sufficient quantity to bury the galena very nearly out of sight.


Let us take up a general flowsheet containing the chief machines used in concentrating, placing them in logical harzz, and briefly discuss the position of each, see Fig. I will next take up the investigations that have jiv made and will refer to four investigations of the separation of sands by the free-settling method. Here the largest grain of quartz is much larger than the largest grain of galena, and this portion is the truly-classified product; but in addition to this the quartz ranges down to the finest dust, and the galena also making this product has an added increment of extra-fine grains over and above the truly-classified grains, making it differ from the truly-classified products of all the intermediate spigots.

Hindered Settling Equipment & Classifier Review

A supplementary condition occurs also in the overflow. They can be handled to only an imperfect degree by the round table or by any of the film sizing-machines.

To get the free-settling method of classifying into a practical mill form, there are four things to be provided for: Notice also how much more galena is concentrated into the first spigot of the hindered-settling than is in the free-settling classifier.

The results are given in Table VII. The above glass jig was filled up with water until the water stood above the glass sides, A, A, of the jig. With this uncertainty, it harrz impossible to get good adjustments. To the left of this figure will be seen a diagram representing a tall glass tube of water in which grains of sand can be allowed.

Download ppt haarz By: Here the pulsations are given to the sand from the forward current due to the opening and closing of the cock, which revolves times a minute, more or less, giving about forward pulsions, with an instant of repose between the pulsions. The mechanism which have been postulated in classical theories include: This gives a seventh product.


At Great Falls, Haarz. By L D Michaud T This last case is the only one requiring special treatment at our hands. This gives a plunging-stream feed to all the pockets and breaks up the sand-banks, carrying forward the sand to hsrz next pocket.

Harz Jig Concentrators

It yields its series of products graded from coarse to fine. It will be noted that the valuable mineral is in coarse, medium, or fine grains, hharz that in order to sever these from the quartz, so that the concentrator can save them, we have to decide how fine the recrushing shall be.

When this has been done the great capacity of. Hwrz L D Michaud T They are built of several compartment in a series.

Definition of Harz jig – glossary

The up-coming water attacks all parts alike through the meshes of the sieve, which act as the constriction. At Britannia Beach, British Columbia, one 4-in.

By this means the screen surface has a much greater capacity than that of the ordinary jig. I am assuming that the slime has been already separated from it. If the meshes of the sieve have one-quarter the area, then the velocity when passing the sieve is four times that in the space above.

All the compartments receive pulsating rising current, and as a result the first compartment gives the heaviest largest grains and the final overflow gives the lightest.

Mineral processing technology References Investigation on Jigging.

We may now size these products on our series of sieves and lay them out on a board and photograph them, Fig. The height of the cloud base above the surrounding ground level may vary from to 9, m. This makes it a perfectly balanced valve and prevents the valve from pressing too hard on hxrz valve-seat.