Al Ma’thurat. by Imam Shaheed Hasan Al Banna. Topics Zikr. Morning and Evening Zikr. Identifier AlMathurat. | Al-Ma’thurat is a compilation of important Quranic verses and the authentic ahadith. It is presented in the form of a wird. Hasan al-Banna was born in an age of great turmoil for the Muslims, and translation of Hasan al-Banna’s litany entitled al-Ma’thurat – ,

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Al Ma’thurat

For more information go to: Shahrul Junaidy marked it bassan to-read Mar 14, Our themes mostly focus on the universal values such as compassionpatiencelove ak so on. Those who believe and whose hearts find tranquillity in the remembrance of Allah. Halimah Ali rated it it was amazing Dec 09, An Introduction Although I’ve never belonged to an organisation that has either a direct-lineal or distant-familial connection to Hasan al-BannaI am compelled to admit his significant impact on his own world and the world that we currently inhabit.

I was very much impressed by the wazifa as my father had written a beautiful commentary on it. A study of Hasan al-Banna’s list of pledges required from the official movement activists reveals a strong emphasis on knowledge, which is the foundation of spirituality, and good deeds for the nourishment of the soul.

He provided the evidences for almost all the expressions used in the wazifa from authentic ahadith. Related posts from similar topics: Although Nadwi objects to the movement deciding ‘a little too early to step down into the arena of active politics’ – a contentious point, suitable for another place – he laments the ‘liquidation of the Ikhwan’ as being, ‘without doubt’ to his mind, ‘an irreparable loss to the Arab and the larger Muslim world’.

Pastpp added it Jul 29, Reaching beyond the Kaaba during Hajj. In accordance with Title 17 U. The IslamiCity site may occasionally contain copyrighted hasssan the use of which may not always have been specifically authorized by the copyright owner.

The Spiritual Method of Revivalism: On Hasan al-Banna and His Legacy

Want to Read saving…. Qibah idris rated it it was amazing Feb 26, To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Islamic spirituality is certainly not only discourse, and nor is it simply mysticism and wondrous occurrences, as understood in the contemporary Western sense; but, rather, it is about a state of being, with all the praiseworthy qualities of the revelation.


Fahmi Khalid marked it as to-read Jan 21, We believe this constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section of the US Copyright Law. Mohd Azmi marked it as to-read May 29, In Islamic Studies, Orientalists and Muslim Scholars, in the course of discussing ‘examples of genuine literary and research endeavours’ in the Arab lands, Shaykh Nadwi exhibits a very positive attitude to some of the literary works of al-Banna’s direct heirs; he writes: This work recounts the torture of the Brotherhood in the prisons of Egypt in the mid-twentieth century simple because they rejected Arab-Soviet-Socialism.

The Spiritual Method of Revivalism: On Hasan al-Banna and His Legacy – IslamiCity

In this latter regard, Seumas Milne has written how ‘senior figures in the police, including special branch, whose job is to counter terror groups in the Muslim community’, see these type of organisations as possessing the ‘best antidotes’ to extreme ‘propaganda’ see Milne’s comment article in The Guardian, 5 July Kemudian sentiasa berdoa dalam mengharapkan keredhaanNya.

Topics menu will always be here, always within reach. For bnna is not the eyes that become blind, but it is the hearts in the chests that become blind [ The book of Zainab al-Ghazali is a real story, without a seeming romantic inclination, and one that is an evidential depiction of some of the most exquisite spiritual theory – surrounding such notions as faith, sincerity [ikhlas], trust [tawakkul], patience [sabr], love of God [mahabba], fana’, baqa’, ‘tasting’ [dhawq], etc.

Published by Darul Nu’man first published I intend to focus on the spiritual legacy because any correctly articulated orthodox religious expression is always bound to have an emphasis on a spiritual imperative and prioritisation, because the message of Islam is primarily spiritual; and the Word of God, the Mathurag Qur’an, bears testimony to this assertion.

The House of God. Such institutions should never be neglected or given a respite, as they should be laid bare before their people for what they really are, so that the people may guard themselves against their evils.

Al-Ma’thurat & Surah Yasin by Hassan al-Banna

Hajj and the Neglected Legacy of a Great Woman. Hence the judging of one’s deeds also has a naturally distinctly spiritual emphasis, as contained in the supplication of the Prophet Ibrahim upon him be God’s peace: Bana makes us a community. Khairul Amir is currently reading it Dec 22, Spiritual states can be discussed in the tranquillity of retreat in one’s spiritual lodge or ‘ivory tower’, far from real life and its troubles, yet one is ever so pressed mathutat experience the sweetness of certitude in the Divine whilst the most barbaric feats of man and beast are visited upon one.


Values section on the other hand is very special.

This sorrow on his part is because Nadwi saw the movement as ‘unmistakably’ the ‘most powerful Islamic movement of modern times and a fast progressing religious endeavour’; one that he felt was certainly well-equipped to ‘working out an Islamic renaissance in West Asia’, if the leaders of Islamic thought in the countries of the Middle East [had] given it their unqualified support’.

Bibirnya sentiasa basah dalam berzikir, membesarkan dan mengagungkan yang Maha Pencipta. But if you see, a red iconlike thisit means you are NOT logged in.

Therefore one is not surprised to hear him declare, in the Fifth Conference, that his movement was a ‘salafi da’wah’, a ‘sunni Path’ and a ‘true Tasawwuf’ – for he took from each of these strands hsasan thought. This upbringing, together with its results, is certainly one factor towards explaining why Hasan al-Banna’s thought and movement has historically been able to attract the approval of official scholars, in particular from al-Azhar such as ‘Abdul Qadir ‘Audah, ‘Abdal-Fattah Abu Ghuddah, Mustafa Siba’i, Sayyid Mwthurat, Muhammad Ghazali, Yusuf Qaradawi and ‘Abdullah’Azzamdespite the fact that Hasan al-Banna was not an Azhari scholar himself.

Lists with This Book. Part Two Hasan al-Banna was born in an age of great turmoil for the Muslims, and his land of Egypt was central to the proceedings of the time. Sularso marked it as to-read Mar 23, We feature each theme with a beautiful image.

Indeed, our age of psychological and physical chaos makes the need for remedies to the mathurst human condition most urgent. Hasan al-Banna, in the Introduction to his English translation of Hasan al-Banna’s litany entitled al-Ma’thurat -members in Egypt by the time the founder was assassinated not to mention those who could be classed as mere ‘sympathisers’, and those in other countries to which the movement had already spread by that time. Aty Izzaty ql it it was amazing May 11, Nadwi has very positive things to say about the Muslim Brotherhood [al-Ikhwan al-Muslimin] that Hasan al-Banna founded in the midst of this perplexing period of history, and was to possess – according to S.