Each HDMI Specification revision has a “revision history” section located near the . Many people are worried, when buying HDMI cable, about the spec version of the cable in question. Is it the latest spec version? Will it support. Needed this cable to connect my HP Envy laptop to my flat screen HD TV so I can watch recorded shows on a secondary TV elsewhere in the house or on trips.

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Retrieved 5 May Return to top Q. Retrieved October 7, Pixels per frame includes blanking intervals as defined by CVT-R2. Retrieved September 14, Seven of the 15 packet types described in the HDMI 1.

Mini-HDMI to HDMI Specification a Cable – 3 Feet

Retrieved July 2, Confused about what AV Gear to buy or how to set it up? In our opinion, DisplayPort 1.

Retrieved May 9, Retrieved October 25, Retrieved July 17, Retrieved March 5, Retrieved November specifidation, A cable that marginally passed the eye-pattern test under 1. It also added support for the xvYCC color space, in addition to the Rec. Same 19 Pins in Half the Size”. Archived from the original PDF on December 30, Copy Protection Technical Working Group.

What Do HDMI Spec Versions (, , a, etc) Mean For Cable Choice? | Audioholics

This limits the caption style even for digital captions to only that decoded at the source prior to HDMI transmission. The way the compliance testing is set up, a cable is tested to ensure that it will work when it is connected to the world’s worst minimally compliant source device at one end, and the world’s worst minimally compliant display at the other.


Retrieved May 1, The link architecture is based on DVI, using exactly the same video transmission format but sending audio hdm other auxiliary data during the blanking intervals of the video stream.

Archived from the original PDF on March 5, As it happens, however, there is ordinarily a good deal of “headroom” between what will pass the spec and what will actually, under real-world conditions, pass signal.

HDCP offers a system renewability feature that allows content providers to revoke keys from devices dynamically from the originating content source. There have been some other minor edits and revisions, but those don’t really go to the substance of the spec, and don’t affect compliance testing.

During the Video Data Period, the pixels of an active video line are transmitted. Each HDMI Specification revision has a “revision history” section located near the beginning of the document. Retrieved August 25, Retrieved December 7, III Each subsequent version of the specification uses the same kind of cable but increases the bandwidth or capabilities of what can be transmitted over the cable.

Samsung has a similar proprietary thirty-pin port for their Galaxy Tab Individual products may have heavier limitations than those listed below, since HDMI devices are not required to support the maximum bandwidth of the HDMI version that they implement. Maximum Character Rate [c].

What Do HDMI Spec Versions (1.2, 1.3, 1.3a, etc) Mean For Cable Choice?

But there are some changes to the requirements expected of cables, and to the way that compliance with those requirements is tested, and these can be meaningful. Retrieved October 30, The versions of the two, to date, are:. There are five HDMI connector types. We are regularly contacted by manufacturers and vendors of HDMI cable, and we routinely ask them for their compliance certificates which, incidentally, seems to end about half of the conversations; we never get a compliance certificate from quite a few vendors.


Production of consumer HDMI products started in late Retrieved April 24, Cables are available that contain the necessary electronics, but it is important to distinguish these active converter cables from passive HDMI to VGA cables which are typically cheaper as they don’t include any electronics. MegaChips Technology America Corp.

Retrieved 27 January Also note that products are not required to implement all features of a version to be considered compliant with that version, as most features are optional.

Retrieved September 4, At this writing, Marchthere have been five versions of the principal HDMI spec document, and a new update probably to be called 1. Retrieved May 23, Retrieved April 14, HEAC utilizes two lines from the connector: Additionally, however, some references to specs are not to the principal HDMI spec document, but to the “Compliance Testing Specification” document, and there have been six versions of that document.

Retrieved May 4,