Insufferable passengers, rigorous training, and a turbulent life, Heather Poole recounts her years as a flight attendant. The Paperback of the Cruising Attitude: Tales of Crashpads, Crew Drama, and Crazy Passengers at Feet by Heather Poole at Barnes.

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I felt like I got to know her as a Cruising Attitude: Those who stay appreciate a lifestyle of flexibility as opposed to one of static routine. Cruising Attitude is a Coffee, Tea, or Me?

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Cruising Attitude: Tales of Crashpads, Crew Drama, and Crazy Passengers at 35,000 Feet

At times, though, the serious subject matter was presented so lightly that it seemed borderline ditzy, especially the chapter called “Barbie Boot Camp” in which the author described the horrifyingly gender normative training undergone by flight attendants.

Happy times well missed. Especially if you are flying often, or even just once or twice.

Written well, this is an easy read and entertaining. Also, as a frequent rcuising it was heatherr to know why certain things are done on a plane, why flight attendants are doing certain things and why sometimes they might be surely. Though it’s a memoir, it’s well done. Then imagine the polyester uniform you must wear, and the hair and makeup codes you must conform to. Now I have to wonder if it was you and your mother or some other mother-n-daughter crew pairing.

This is a great and easy read, a tale of how a lady becomes a flight attendant and the ins and outs of life as a flight attendant for a major American carrier. Lady, I do not c Heather Poole tells you what her life is like as a flight attendant.

But they don’t sound very generous, and of course every time you use them you have to do what?

There are many clues as to the identity of the larger carrier if the intrepid Reader wishes to pursue them, though. The only times that the writer will name-drop is when the story is favorable. Is it posted on my website? Poole is a terrific writer; her book reads like a good novel. It was most annoying when she changed the names of people half-way through their stories. Heather had her doubts about Linda, but they became friends too.


And only one bathroom. Just like the man sitting in 22B. What are their lives lik If you’re thinking about an exciting career in airborne customer service, this is the book for you! She actually complains about him being a nice guy. Before she attempted to become one of the big shots on international planes flying high class she was stuck on Sun Jet International Airlines.

The airline was often filled with unattended minors shuttling back and forth between parents and grandparents, and one flight Poole flew had 12 unattended minors. I used to be a line maintenance technician for Delta and while my exposure to passengers was a lot less, it was usually right at departure dealing with not so easy issues while avoiding a delay. For example, they do not get paid until the plane backs away from the gate.

That’s what a night of bowling and beer will do to a book review. But others are there for the travel benefits primarily. She was particularly taken with how kind Mark Cuban was on her two shifts working his private jet, and gushes about the excellent manners of the members of his basketball team who were on one of those flights.

I hate travelling, so being a flight attendant has never appealed to me, but I was really impressed by what a good glimpse of the life I got from the book. Heather Poole walked the mean aisles of our mostly national airways for fifteen years and has some tales to tell.

From the training to the plane, Poole describes her adventures and kooky incidents with passengers. Once when I was sitting in the first row on a connecting flight, the jump seat was broken so the flight attendant took an empty seat next to me. That has to be a fairy tale come true for a blog writer. The author, as a flight attendant I nearly said, ‘air hostess’ with all the Asian airlines ‘fly me’ connotations was guiding into her seat a blind, wealthy old heathef who said pooel wasn’t a psychic but had ‘the gift’ and thence commenced to druising her all about how wonderful she was and what a great life she would have and become a famous writer.


In the s, flight attendants averaged 18 months of employment, because they must be single and childless.

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MY BOOK: Cruising Attitude – Heather Poole

I found the book flowed seamlessly from one chapter to another, from her training woes to being the junior flight attendant to finally finding love in the air.

And it was the lifestyle that I found most intriguing about this book. A superficial, fast, entertaining read. The pay is far from lofty, they are faced with work restrictions and requirements that only a union-buster could love, and then they have to put up with the likes of you, me and much worse in the course of a normal day.

MY BOOK: Cruising Attitude

Before she attempted to become one of the big shots on international planes f Cruising Attitude by Heather Poole is about the life of a flight attendant It takes more than a nicely dressed attendant who smiles graciously as you enter and sets about to make sure your flight is enjoyable.

This is where the specialist see how much you can wttitude. I know lots of flight attendants and they all have one thing in common without any exception whatsoever even atttitude author admits to liking a bevy or two is that they all drink far more than any other group of people I’ve ever met. Some details were very enlightenting.