Hedysarum coronarium. FRENCH HONEYSUCKLE. Big bright red clover-like flowers above handsome leaves. Needs sun and good drainage. Short-lived, but . Development of sulla (Hedysarum coronarium) for better adaptation to grazing. G.B. DOUGLAS, R.G. KEOGH and A.G. FOOTE. AgResearch Grasslands, Private . Hedysarum coronarium. Open enlargement in a new window; Open enlargement in a new window; Members can view this photo in high resolution. Members.

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Sulla is often compared to alfalfa for its quality and productivity, but unlike this legume its higher tannin content makes sulla suitable only to ruminants including deer and alpacas and other herbivore species that can coronafium tannins. An evaluation of sulla Hedysarum coronarium with pasture, white clover and lucerne for lambs. Culture Easily grown in average, medium, well-drained soils in full sun.

Sulla is reported to be safe to livestock. Legume forages Forage plants.

Includes a sample of Hedysarum flexuosum hay. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Sulla grows from sea level to the frost line in the uplands in the Mediterranean area.

Quality peaks just before flowering, but the foliage becomes less palatable once flowering starts as stems become more fibrous de Koning et al. Louis area where plant stems tend to recline in the heat of the summer.

De Vliegher and CarlierProc. The hay has a lower quality than the fresh material due hedysafum the loss of leaves during and after harvest.

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In New Zealand, a sulla pasture contained more condensed tannins in spring than cofonarium autumn 8. The potential of sulla in pasture-based system.

Sulla has a high water soluble carbohydrate content which enhances silage quality. Parasite control Sulla has been shown to hedysxrum resistance to parasites such as nematodes in sheep hedysagum deer, an effect attributed to the presence of condensed tannins. Sulla is a high quality forage for ruminants. Digestibility and nutrive value in the rabbit with and without coprophagia of hedyszrum branches, leaves, inflorescences and of the whole sulla plant Hedysarum coronarium L.

Problems No serious insect or disease problems. In New Zealand, better performance of lambs grazing sulla compared with alfalfa was attributed to the protective effects of condensed tannins on nematode infection and protein protection in the rumen Niezen et al. Retrieved from ” https: Legumes of the World.

Good fresh cut flower.

The leaves consist of pairs of oval leaflets with a single terminal leaflet. Cut back stems to the ground after frost. Sulla has good tolerance to aphids, redlegged earth mite and alfalfa flea FAO, ; Foster, Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew. Grazing on sulla forage has been shown to have a positive impact on the productivity of meat and dairy sheep Burke et al.

Including large hedydarum of sulla in silage e. In particular, it does not cause bloat in ruminants FAO, The plant is deep- rooted and drought-resistant, growing to 1—1.


Sulla coronaria – Wikipedia

Alfalfa Medicago sativa Sainfoin Onobrychis viciifolia. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. Carcass and meat quality hedhsarum lambs fed fresh sulla Hedysarum coronarium L.

Its nutritive value decreases rapidly as the plant matures Ben Jeddi, Dairy cattle Several experiments in New Zealand have shown sulla to be valuable for dairy cows. Datasheet Description Click on the “Nutritional aspects” tab for recommendations for ruminants, pigs, poultry, rabbits, horses, fish and crustaceans.

In Tunisia, yield of irrigated sulla was 6.

For that reason, it is used for forage in semi-arid and arid regions Foster, Palatability Sulla is very palatable to livestock, who will selectively graze it when sown in a mixed sward.

Sheep There have been numerous trials in Italy, North Africa, Australia and New Zealand looking at the value of sulla in sheep for meat, milk and wool production.

Garden Uses Borders, cottage gardens or cutting gardens. Rivista di Coniglicoltura, Univerity Tizi-Ouzou Algeria, pp.

Hedysarum coronarium

S Bullittapp. References Alibes et al. Sulla is valued for honey production, roadside beautification and landscape architecture Foster, ; Ruisi et al. Intake and milk production of goats grazing sulla forage under different stocking coronarikm. The condensed tannins of sulla may have beneficial effects on product quality.