The vast range of Helifix products is based on Helifix` own unique helical design. Helifix has developed a range of high performance stainless steel ties, fixings. HELIFIX DRYFIX TIES. DryFix is a slim, versatile and rapidly installed mechanical pinning and remedial tying system that requires no resin, grout or mechanical. Helifix is continually developing a range of wall ties, which accommodate modern methods of construction. Fixing solutions are available for timber frame.

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Construction – Product categories. HTA – Anchor Channels. HGB – Handrail Connections. HTU – Anchor Channels.

Helifix Products

HBT – Rebend Connections. HUC – Universal Connection. HCC – Column Shoe.

FK4 Brickwork Support Systems. Products for the mechanical and plant engineering the plant engineering for the chemistry industry vehicle manufacturing flexible montage solutions flexible positioning tifs Versatile fixing systems.

DF10 Helifix DryFix Wall Ties 10mm – 100 per box

Videos Newsletter Continuing Education. General Helifix catalogue Seismic catalogue.

Innovative masonry repairs and engineered fastening solutions. Helifix is the market leader in the design and manufacture of specialty helical wall tie anchors and masonry repair systems.

Helifix has developed a range of high performance stainless steel ties, fixings and masonry repair and reinforcement systems that hslifix the required strength with flexibility, durability and great holding power in all commonly used building materials.


Retrofit Helical Wall Tie Anchors. Over the last 30 years, Helifix has developed a comprehensive range of versatile, purpose-designed, retrofit products that individually or in combination, are able to cost-effectively solve virtually all commonly occurring problems of structural failure in bricks, blocks, stone, concrete, timber and local materials.

The Helibeam System uses pairs of long HeliBars bonded into mortar to form deep masonry beams that reinforce and stabilize existing masonry while redistributing the structural loads. CemTie is a versatile, fully grouted, retrofit tie used to stabilize all forms of solid masonry, secure failed lintels and brick ries, reconnecting separated internal and external building walls and repair parapets.


CemenTie is a remedial wall tie system designed for use with thin wall and hollow block far wythes and in buildings over four storys high. Helifix Crack Stitching repairs and stabilizes cracked masonry using helical stainless steel HeliBars bonded into cut slots with HeliBond grout for a quick, simple, effective and permanent solution. DryFix is slim, versatile and rapidly installed mechanical pinning and retrofit tying system that requires no resin, grout or mechanical expansion.

The DryFix Terracotta Tie secures fragile terracotta facings and delicate decorations and features which have become loose or are suffering from stress fractures. Stucco Pin is a stainless steel helical pin that easily and reliably secures separated stucco. DryFix Asymmetric Tie is a dry mechanical pinning and remedial tying system that secures relatively soft outer leaf material to harder inner leaf material without stressing or fracturing fragile substrates.


DF10 Helifix DryFix Wall Ties 10mm – per box – ASRS Supplies Ltd

HeliBar is a helical stainless steel reinforcing bar, with substantial tensile properties, used for strengthening and stabilizing masonry in both new build and retrofit situations.

HeliBar stainless steel helifixx bars in conjunction with plastic debonding sleeves can tiew used to create a movement joint in an….

PatchPin is a short stainless steel helical pin that provides a strong mechanical key when patch repairing reinforced concrete. TorkFix mechanical repair anchors are a well proven method of stabilizing masonry veneer walls which have become detached from the…. To ites buildings to meet current seismic standards and restore structural performance the DryFix system is used in conjunction with…. For all retrofit ties it is extremely important to use the correct drilling technique to avoid excessive spalling of the….

Helifix’ construction chemicals are available both in cartridges and self-mix bulk packs and are suitable for hrlifix variety of construction and industrial applications. In addition, a selection of hand operated and pneumatic applicator guns is also available. HeliBond is an injectable, non-shrink, thixotropic, cementitious grout that rapidly develops compressive strength.