Download Citation on ResearchGate | The Henri Tomasi trumpet concerto: a musical score analysis / | Thesis (D.M.A.)–University of Houston, Degree. Henri Tomasi’s Trumpet Concerto solo Documents Similar To Trumpet Concerto Tomasi. Uploaded by. Paulo Thiago Sprovieri. Barat Trumpet Fantasie. Tomasi: Trumpet Concerto: I Allegro – Henri Tomasi, Le Triomphe de Jeanne, Henri Tomasi, Orchestre national et Choeurs de la RTF – Jean Fournet (dir).

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It can be performed with clarinet and piano or clarinet and orchestra. Richard Wagner was never an influence on him. The clarinet exhibits a freedom of key relationships and tonal centers. Undoubtedly the orchestration is colorful, although it retains its charm with piano.

Chords move in parallel motion as in Debussy’s writing, but are more dissonant, The work concludes with assai lento marked con malinconia. There are traditional key centers in a flexible framework. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It has a connotation of delicacy, refinement, and gracefulness.

InTomasi stopped conducting because of physical problems, including advancing deafness in his right ear. The copyright was later taken over by Gerard Billaudot in The dance starts with an ostinato in the piano and cascading arpeggios in the clarinet.

It is marked Lent and has a surreal quality.

Nocturne was first published in by Pierre Noel. The original instrumentation trimpet for oboeclarinetbassoonFrench horntubatympania battery of percussion, piano, and string quintet. During his last period of composition he was motivated by political events and wrote pieces such as the Third World Symphony and Chant pour cocnerto Vietnam. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Inhe won the second Grand Prix de Rome for his cantata, ‘Coriolan’, and a First Prize for Orchestral Conducting, which were both awarded unanimously.


It is a stylish handling of different dance moods. To translate Tomasi’s views on his own music: The works for cocnerto by Tomasi have been relegated to the background of this oeuvre but they deserve to be performed with more regularity. The second movement opens with a motive from the first movement. It gave him a great passion for lyrical theater. The virtuoso Scherzo finale is in a sonata rondo construction.

In the realm of instrumental music, he preferred composing for wind instruments. Before the brief cadenza at rehearsal 4, there is a tomasj eleventh chord. It reflects Tomasi’s postwar disillusionment with mankind. He felt that dodecaphonic music could be used occasionally when needed or called for.

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Henri Tomasi – Trumpet Concerto

Everything has been said and everything has been done. He still performed at cafes and in the cinemas to earn money. This is followed by a section in serial form that is soft and brooding in mood. Later, to celebrate the concwrto of his birth, his ashes were moved to the village of his ancestors in Penta di CasincaCorsica. Perhaps one can conjecture that the jeune young Indian is expressing nostalgia for his homeland.

I can’t stand systems and sectarianism. He converto over the tribulations of the main character, Mimi. The second theme is stated in the piano at rehearsal These cuts will not be taken in this performance. This introduction is followed with ternary form with return above an ostinato of Sicilian rhythm.


More by Henri Tomasi

World War I delayed his entrance into the Paris Conservatoireso he played piano in Marseille to earn money. The last movement uses rhythm and accents as a cohesive force. The concerto comes to a blazing conclusion after the final statement of theme “A”. At the age of seven, Tomasi entered the Conservatoire de Musique de Marseille. The early Charlie Chaplin films also intrigued him and influenced his works. The entire range of the clarinet with respect to pitch and dynamics is utilized.

Music that doesn’t come from the heart isn’t music. His music is highly colorful and one can hear the influence of his French contemporaries.

Henri Tomasi – Wikipedia

The conclusion will be melancholy. The slow section evolves to a poco pui cncerto interlude followed by a short cadenza marked a piacere freely. Inthe family moved back to Marseille. The nontraditional elements include polychords, chords with added notes, clusters, and dissonance. In he composed the Concerto for Clarinet and the Concerto for Trombone.