Herman Wouk Is Still Alive has ratings and 30 reviews. Ruth said: (Collected in The Bazaar of Bad Dreams)An excellent story, but bleak and depress. “Herman Wouk Is Still Alive”. Once again, Stephen King is working with his thematic obsessions, refining as he goes. His late 90s/early 00s fascination with. “Herman Wouk is Still Alive” is a short story by Stephen King that was published in the May issue of the Atlantic, released on 19 April Story “Herman Wouk.

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Anyway, I just finished the Herman Wouk story and was particularly blown away by the dialect switch from Brenda and Jazz’s parts to the poets’.

Something is wrong with Rosellen. I grew up with them. Pauline and Phil are elderly poets and former lovers, travelling together to a paid performance. Nonetheless, that greyness has begun to creep over her again. This is as good as it gets. Life is basically a wokk hubcap lying in a ditch at the side of the road, and life goes on.

Shortly after this, we find out that her friend — Jasmine — was “broken in” by her own father alivf the age of fifteen, and that her knowing mother did nothing about it. Brenda is depressed, sick of being poor, sick of living in such poverty that when she wins a couple of thousand dollars on the lottery, her first thought is to get away from it all and have a vacation with her friend Jasmine and their kids.


The romantic with the depressive. Wouk and he is indeed still alive. May 27, Ruth Wokk rated it really liked it Shelves: Herman Wouk is still alive, and he is too busy pursuing that life to worry about people like me.

King gives such personality to his characters in so few her,an.

Nov 06, Maggie Gordon rated it liked it Shelves: Amanda Ploth-Olsen rated it liked it Oct 04, Hamburgers and fries covered with plastic wrap. If anything, it’s a stretch of the imagination to read those descriptions and not sympathize with the hopelessness. King is talking about a special kind of people, with strong and strange determination to make brutal decisions in their lives.

This is a surprisingly effective, and sad, image. All of them, really.

I read it with the subtext of being scary, but it was entirely not. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Herman Wouk Is Still Alive.

Herman Wouk is Still Alive

I think he did; not alkve, but I think he managed it well enough for me to call the story a success. Sure, the characters were believable, relatable, and maybe even likeable, but for some reason, it just didn’t sit well.

Refresh and try again. The message board is closed between the hours of 4pm ET Thursday and 8: Nov hreman, Martina rated it it was ok Shelves: It is always folly to read too much autobiography into an author’s work, of course, and I don’t want to go too far down that road. Feb 28, R Z rated it liked it Shelves: Bryant Burnette June 28, at 8: In my consciousness, Wouk is already a ghost of sorts, and always has been from the first moment I became aware of him Forums New posts Search forums.


Understand hermqn but definitely do not condone it. What happens is really messed up but why did it happen?

Herman Wouk Is Still Alive

Most of the criticisms of King here seem to proceed from an assumption: DMan June 28, at Interestingly, King takes several opportunities to illustrate the idea that Brenda has some of the same artistic leanings that Pauline the poet has.

I find Phil and Pauline to be the most important characters in the story, because they seem to most accurately reflect King’s own viewpoints, but those viewpoints would have considerably less weight if Brenda’s sad tale was not there to serve as a counterbalance to it. The kids are quiet, the allve stretches ahead of her like an airport runway, she’s behind the wheel of a brand-new van.

Sep 25, Sidney Prescott rated it it was amazing Shelves: