This study was carried out to measure the optimum growth of Heterobranchus bidorsalis and the best time to crop under maximum utilization of. Biology. Hardly anything is known about the biology of this species (Ref. ). Maximum reported size for West Africa: mm TL (Ref. ). Trusted. Information about the classification of Heterobranchus bidorsalis. Includes facts, pictures and articles.

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This can be achieved by artificial propagation by induced breeding Richter and Van Der Hurk, ; Naeem et al.

Length and weight of fish samples in each tank were measured and recorded every two weeks. After linearization, the equation became:. The present study yielded the best growth and production rates yet published in Nigeria on H. This is in agreement with the findings of Adebayo who reported that broodstock of C.

Wet fertilization method was employed. After all measurements, the fish were revived in fresh water and then returned to hsterobranchus ponds.

The relationships between length and weight of the fish in each experimental unit were estimated using the equation Ricker, The eggs from each female H.

This is similar to the result reported by Kumolu-Johnson and Ndimele They are reared all-over the country especially in the south and have very good commercial value in Nigerian markets Adewolu and Adoti, ; Owodeinde and Ndimele, The result of the length-weight relationship revealed that the growth coefficient b for all the treatments genetic crosses were negatively allometric Table 6.

Temperature, dissolved oxygen ueterobranchus, pH and total ammonia-nitrogen were measured in each treatment. Relationship between mean body weight and number of weeks of growth in Heterobranchus bidorsalis.


The various hormones used for the ovulation synchronization in heterobrabchus spawners resulted in different responses of the latter to some parameters. Since no physical mortality was recorded during the study period, piscivorous birds and poaching contributed to the mortality.

Comparative growth and survival of catfish- Clarias specie, Heterobranchus species and their hybrid fry under outdoor nursery management system.

Human uses

The Sanctity of Fish as Food. Short description Morphology Morphometrics Dorsal spines total: After the evaluation of bidorsxlis reproductive performance of the pure breed and hybrid Clariabranchus which lasted about 14 days, the growth performance aspect of the study started. Their growth performance and nutrient utilization ability were assessed. The pure and cross breeding of H. Principles of Warmwater Aquaculture. Both studies reported that pure breeds of fish species performed better than their hybrids.

The heterobrnachus water quality parameters were measured during the study period; temperature, dissolved oxygenpH and total ammonia-nitrogen. Nigeria contributes significantly to catfish supply in Africa. It also has high feed efficiency and utilization Adebayo and Olanrewaju, Please see our brief essay.

Broodstock collection and selection: Family Clariidae Airbreathing catfishes. Induced propagation of African clariid catfish, Heterobranchus bidorsalis Geoffrey St Hillarie, using synthetic and homoplastic hormones.

Eighteen circular flow-through tanks were used as experimental culture system. Induced spawning of the striped murrel Channa striatus using pituitary extracts, human chorionic gonadotropin, luteinizing hormone releasing hormone analogue and ovaprim r. They are very popular among fish farmers and consumers alike. International Journal of Zoological Research, 7: The linear regression relationship between body weight and the number of weeks of growth of Heterobranchus bidorsalis was calculated using this formula Uzoagulu, The coefficient of determination r 2 for length-weight relationships was strong 0.


High initial specific growth rates that decrease with increasing age and individual fish biomass and consequent increased metabolic costs followed typical pattern of fish growth Kerby et al. How to cite this article: Spatial and temporal variations of some heavy metals in water, sediment and Chrysichthys nigrodigitatus Lacepede, from ologe lagoon, lagos, Nigeria. This fish is commercially fished for human consumption. The snout is round and the eyes are lateral. The Animal Diversity Web online.

In studies on the effects of pollution on this fish it was shown to be tolerant to acute levels of agrolyser a type of fertilizerhowever a high concentration of anthracene in the liver can kill the catfish.

Linear regressions in fishery research.

The maximum recorded weight for this species is The private sector sees it as huge investment potential which is yet to be fully maximized. It also indicates that the fish species can be grown to commercial size within 26 weeks from fingerling stage under semi-intensive pond conditions.

Heterobranchus bidorsalis, African catfish : fisheries

Production of a superior genotype. Bilateria bilaterally symmetrical animals. Initial growth coefficient, B: The synthetic hormone used in the process is interspecific, so it is efficient even in the case of taxonomically very different fishes Naeem et al. Clarias gariepenus and Heterobranchus sp.

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