Discover ideas about I Ching. I CHING – O Livro das Mutações: Hexagrama Ta Ch’u / O Poder de Domar do Grande. I ChingLivros. More information. El hexagrama 26 es llamado 大畜 (ta ch’u), “La Fuerza Domesticadora de lo Grande”. Hello all, I have been reading the memorizing threads on Hex and it was quite interesting the discussion about line 1 and 4 – which Wilhelm.

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They advance rapidly together, but the position of the third line is perilous. Subordinate Zong Gua underlying cause This calamity will be increased if he tries to advance, so it is better for him to halt.

Network Hexahrama vital force is not wanting, only waiting for you to tap it. Find comfort in your strength.

Love Interpretation of I-Ching Hexagram #26 –

Line three is the last of the trigram of Creative Power and it responds to the top line of the upper trigram of Keeping Still. The man is joined by strong allies who are going in the same direction.

Channel your power, shape your impulses, structure your will, focus your intent. The warrior spirit advances the Work. If you are in a relationship, don’t be swayed by your partner’s shifting viewpoints. If man is like his animal father, he resembles an animal; if he is like the Divine Spirit that may illuminate his animal elements, he is like a god. Line two is subject to the repression of the fifth line, so he stops his advance voluntarily — he has the wisdom to do so because of his central place.


It is at the crossroads of heaven. At the outset, the man is confronted with dangerous obstacles. In any specific situation or oracle, translation or other stuff brought to that fundamental structure, will give extra coloring and content to draw upon. Nature is a Teacher. Congratulations are in order! A hidden source of power for those who would do noble deeds is the study of the past. Great and powerful forces, inhibited in the recent past by temporary restraints, are now building strength and momentum.

A great opportunity awaits because you have achieved the highest level of Controlled Power and have aligned with your Tao.

Log in to search the I Ching Community, view your profile or private messages or check the latest updates. Psychologically, inner complexes will drain energy from the situation unless the ego has the will to control their manifestation. In my opinion, line 4 is the horn-cuff of the calf and line 1 is the calf. Its all here in our complete reference, the i-ching index! The way is carried out on a hexagraa scale.

Since Controlled Power follows Innocence, all that is learned from patience and non action is now ready to be harnessed creatively. By cutting off the roots of an uncontrolled great force, it can be restrained and redirected. When cultivated alongside of fearlessness, it is like water that finds its own course, without any sense nexagrama barriers.

A boar is a powerful and dangerous animal. Calmly set your hexaagrama right through all obstacles.

In interpreting the hexagram overall, these principles continue. An encounter with the strong second line would be dangerous, but the ruler has taken the early precaution of reducing line two to the condition of a castrated boar.

…life can be translucent

The young bull doesn’t have horns yet. Not eating at home brings good fortune. The crying pig’s teeth; auspicious. Carrying the crossroads of heaven; development. Line 3 An obstacle has been cleared from the road; the time has come to ride with fresh horses. The tusks of a gelded boar are auspicious.


You may wish to make strong advances, but there seems to be an obstacle in your way. The matador restrains the bull not by blocking its path, but by deftly stepping aside, draining its force bit by bit. This leads to mutual trust and great success. The obstacles begin to give way. The first line, dynamic, shows its subject in a position of peril. The fifth line, magnetic, shows the teeth of a castrated hog. It is beneficial to struggle for right. Changes to 22 Grace. Changes to 11 Peace. Good fortune in the form of happiness.

I Ching Hexagram #26:

It is of benefit to go somewhere. Thus the jun zi accumulates his virtue by remembering past words and deeds. This line and the one following it are the two that tame the forward-pushing lower lines. Your vital force is not wanting but waiting. You are at a standstill.

If you renew your willingness to marry to your Tao daily, you become a reservoir for enormous creative expression that benefits all. This site is intended for entertainment purposes only. Hexaagrama within the mountain: An oracle of hex