Nasit JG, Dhruva G. Nodular hidradenoma of the scalp: A cytomorphological evaluation on fine needle aspiration cytology. Indian J Dermatol. Am J Dermatopathol. Jul;34(5) doi: /DAD. 0bea4d A study of histopathologic spectrum of nodular hidradenoma. Nandeesh. J Craniofac Surg. Mar;22(2) doi: /SCS.0be Benign nodular hidradenoma of the face. Sirinoglu H(1), Çelebiler Ö.

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Nodukar Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Cytomorphological features of nodular hidradenoma highlighting eccrine differentiation: The epidermis was partially ulcerated and the dermis showed well-circumscribed, multilobulated, sheets of epithelial cells surrounded by dense bundles of collagen extending into subcutaneous tissue. J Cytol Histol ;2: This article has been cited by 1 Hidradenocarcinoma presenting as soft hidraeenoma mass: Cytological impression was benign adnexal tumor possibly cystic eccrine hidradenoma which was confirmed on histology as nodular hidradenoma.

Thus the cytologic diagnosis was given as cystic hidradenoma. Integumentary neoplasia Epidermal nevi, neoplasms, cysts Oncology stubs Epidermal nevi, neoplasm, cyst stubs. Occasionally may ulcerate with serous discharge especially in breast [ 3 ].

Dubb M, Michelow P. A clinicopathologic study of skin appendageal tumors.

A study of histopathologic spectrum of nodular hidradenoma.

Mohs micrographic surgery, sentinel lymph node mapping, and estrogen receptor analysis for the treatment of malignant nodular hidradenoma. This page nodula last edited on 1 Marchat A total of 15 cases with features of nodular hidradenoma with their age ranging from 18 years to 73 years were studied. Malignant form Hidradenocarcinoma is extremely unusual, seen in very longstanding nodulwr, featured by cellular atypia, prominent nucleoli and mitosis [ 8 ].

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How to cite this URL: Online since 15 th March ‘ Gottschalk-Sabag S, Glick T.

Hidradenoma – Wikipedia

How to cite this article: N Am J Med Sci ;1: Fine needle aspiration cytology of eccrine skin adnexal tumors. Though commonly located in head and extremities, the uncommon sites are eyelid and breast [ 45 ].

Published by Wolters Kluwer – Medknow. Fine needle aspiration cytology of eccrine acrospiroma. MP carried out concepts and design, literature search, manuscript review.

Nodular Hidradenoma: A Rare Cytological Diagnosis

Discussion of sweat gland tumors can be difficult and confusing due to the complex classification and redundant terminology used to describe the same tumors. Melanocytes, however, are present in sweat duct anlagen of the hidrademoma embryo [ 5 ].

The pigmented apocrine cystadenoma is dark in color owing to pigment other than melanin [ 1 ]. Arch Pathol Lab Med ; The cells were lying in a mucoid background along with good number of cyst macrophages Figure 2.

Cytosmears showed fairly cohesive groups of uniform, oval to polygonal cells some of which showed cytoplasmic clearing.

AD carried out literature search, clinical study and data acquisition. Sebaceous differentiation is also common.

Rook’s Textbook of Dermatology 8th ed. The lesion was a 3×2. She had no history of fever or night sweats, nor any axillary lymph node swelling. Infobox medical condition All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from March All stub articles.


Novenber 29, Accepted Hidradenomx Can’t read the image?

As a consequence, there is a great likelihood of being mistaken for noeular primary and metastatic tumors. Fine needle aspiration cytology of eccrine acrospiroma of the breast. Clin Cancer Investig J ;4: The solid component shows an epithelial duct like structure. Squamous differentiation was an important feature, with most showing a infundibular type of keratinization. A brief review and future directions. This article has been cited by.


A cytomorphological evaluation on fine needle aspiration cytology. Though conventionally regarded as eccrine, they have been reclassified into eccrine and apocrine types.

Hidradenomas are often sub-classified based on subtle histologic differences, for example: Debi Prasad Mishra for his constant intellectual and moral support, improvising nature. It has been reported most frequently in the head and neck and rarely on the extremities. On examination the swelling was fixed to skin, cystic on palpation and mildly tender Figure 1.

Cytologic diagnosis of this tumor is difficult because of its rarity and variable cytologic features. Click on image for details. Mason Fontana silver stain for melanin was positive Fig. Cytology, histopathology, hidradenocarcinoma, inguinal mass, metastasis. Scalpface and extremities are common locations.