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When the vast waters overspread the universe containing the germ and giving birth to AGNI, then was produced the one breath of the gods. Views Read Edit View history. He is the Creator, the Supreme. Everything was in hiranyagrbha state of sleep. Whom heaven and earth established by his pro- tection, and, shining brightly, regarded with their mind, in whom the risen sun shines forth.

This page was last edited on 22 Decemberat His arms are the quarters of the sky. It is that through whom the heaven is strong and the earth firm, who has steadied the light and the sky’s vault, and measured out the sphere of clouds in the mid-region. This was the Supreme Seed of all creation, subtler than the subtlest, greater than the greatest, larger than the largest, and more magnificent than even the best of all things, more powerful, than even the wind and all the gods, more resplendent than the Sun and the Moon, and more internal than even the mind and the intellect.

Kisari Mohan Ganguli, tr. There was nothing, either moving or static. When the mighty waters came, carrying the universal germ, producing hiranyagargha flame of life, then dwelt there in harmony the One Spirit of the Devas.

This sacrifice was performed by the founder of the Rashtrakuta dynastyDantidurgato confer Kshatriyahood on himself, as he was not born a Kshatriya but wanted to overthrow his Chalukya overlord to set up the Rashtrakuta empire, and in olden days, the Caste System in India was very prevalent and he was not accepted by the people as their King, until he conferred Kshatriyahood upon himself.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Then Svayambhu entered in the egg. He who by his might beheld the waters all around containing the creative power and giving birth to sacrifice, he who among the gods was the one supreme god,. It created the primordial waters first and established the seed of creation into it.

He is the moving and the unmoving, He is far and near, He is within all these and without all these. Part of a series on. To him who, by his greatness, has verily become the sole king of the breathing and seeing world, who rules over this aggregate of two-footed and four-footed beings,. It is that through whose glory the snow-clad mountains rose, and the ocean spread with the river, they say. Hindu deities and texts. It is that who bestows soul-force and vigor, whose guidance all men invoke, the Devas invoke whose shadow is immortal life and death.

In the beginning was the Divinity in his splendourmanifested as the sole Lord of land, skies, water, space and that beneath and He upheld the earth and the heavens.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Mother of the world – may that not destroy us who with Truth as his Law made the heavens and produced waters, vast and beautiful.


It is that who in its might surveyed the waters, conferring skill and creating worship – That, the God of gods, the One and only One. To him who is the giver of soul, the giver of strength, Whose commands all beingseven the gods obey, Whose shadow is immortality, whose shadow is death. Its History, Literature, Philosophy and Practice. May he do us no harm who is the parent of the -earth, or who the unerring support of the world begat the heaven, and who generated the jiranyagarbha and delightful waters.


Yoga portal Hinduism portal India portal. By whom the sky was made profound and the earth solid, by Whom heaven and the solar sphere were hiranjagarbha, who was the measure of the water in the firmament,.


Wikisource has original suktamm related to this article: Retrieved from ” https: Then Svayambhuself-manifested Being arose, which is a form beyond senses.

Yoga Philosophy of Patanjali with Bhasvati.


It is that to whom heaven and earth, placed in the light by his grace, look up, radiant with the mind while over them the sun, rising, brightly shines. It is that who by His greatness became the One King of the breathing and the seeing, who is the Lord of man and bird and beast. Hinduism Other Indian philosophies. Through whose greatness these snow-clad moun- tains existwhose property men call the ocean with the rivers, whose are these quarters of space, whose are the two arms.

The term can also mean as He who, having become first the Creator, has come to be considered as wuktam womb of all objects.