GENERATOR. EUi. Owner’s Manual. See page 86 for. Initial Use Instructions Honda generators and is supported by the parts and service divisions. After much searching I found this PDF download version. Sign in to reply. Loading. Honda EN EN Generator Service Repair Shop Manual OEM Book Alamia, Inc. Genuine Honda EUi Generator, Maintenance Tune Up Kit.

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Warranty repairs and replacements will be made without charge for parts or labor.

Honda EU2000i Companion Owner’s Manual

If the generator has been used, allow it cool for at least 15 minutes before loading the generator on the transport vehicle. Here is a link to a new one on here. Refer to the Honda shop manual for service procedures. Do not allow the starter grip to mmanual back against the generator.

Select a well ventilated storage area away from any appliance that operates with a flame, such as a furnace, water heater, or clothes dryer.

See All 5 Pool and Spa Brands. Clip- Piston Pin – 13mm. Lever, Link Carburetor No. Page 3 When your generator needs scheduled maintenance, keep in mind that your Honda servicing dealer is specially trained in servicing Honda generators and is supported by the parts and service divisions of American Honda.


Emission Control System Information Seal, Shroud Upper R. Refer to page 50 0. Black exhaust smoke or high fuel consumption. Your safety is your responsibility. Find Part by Symptom.

If you keep a container of gasoline for refueling, be sure that it contains only fresh gasoline. Spring, Compression Coil Carburetor No. Pool and Spa Parts. Charge Cord Receptacle Plug Tools. A Honda dealer anywhere should be able to help you get that if you need one.

Carburetor Modification For High Altitude Operation High altitude performance can be improved by specific modifications to the carburetor.


If you always operate your generator at altitudes above 5, feet 1, metershave your authorized Honda servicing dealer perform this carburetor modification. Check the oil level by inserting the dipstick into the oil filler neck without screwing it in. Stop the engine and keep heat, sparks, and flame away. Refill the fuel tank if the fuel level is low. This repair hknda will instruct you how to repair a dirty or damaged spark arrestor on your small engine.

Outdoor Recreation Parts Brands. Esrvice did not see the gasket that you may need listed in the parts list although I did see a drawing of it on top of the engine. It is intended to be used by a skilled technician.

Please Register Your Generator If your dealer did not collect registration information from you, please take a few minutes and register your purchase with Honda. Faulty power tool or Replace or repair power tool or appliance. An incorrect spark plug can cause engine damage. Clean the spark arrester as follows: Clamp- Tube – D Remove the spark plug see page 50and pour approximately one teaspoon cc of clean engine oil into the cylinder.


Honda EU2000I (AC2) Generator, Jpn, Vin# Eaaj-1170001 Parts

Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Do not lay the generator on its side when moving, storing, or operating it.

The spark arrester must be free of breaks and tears. And using this generator safely is an important responsibility.

Do not place flammable objects close to the engine.

Honda Generator, Jpn, Vin# Eaaj | EUI |

They should be able to answer any question you may have. Take the generator to an authorized Esrvice servicing dealer, or refer to the shop manual. Restore a saved shopping cart. Before using the ground terminal, consult a qualified electrician, electrical inspector, or local agency having jurisdiction for local codes or ordinances that apply to the intended use of the generator. Specifications Refer to page 50 0.