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The quality of speech depends on Mercury. The concerned phase of life of a person will obtain good or bad results as according to the strength of concerned planets. The eleventh sign, Aquarius, is a male carrying an empty pot on his shoulder.

Whichever planet has a second sign other than these has it as own sign. For these qualities ratnxm reflected by the strongest of the planets; and not from Triinsamsa alone. Mars is the leader. When in Vargottama or in own Navamsa or Drekkana, double the results.

Hora RatNam – Free Download PDF

His name features in Garuda Purana, Maha Bharata etc. According to Varaha Mihira, these should be used for knowing the length of the various limbs, but are not practical lengths of various signs when on ascendant. For practical reasons, these caste divisions are not possible in this changing era, and expanded globe with various cultures.

These have been described by sages like Markandeya.

Saturn Rahu and Ketuare years in age. However his joining a weak Moon does not turn him into a malefic.

Out of these night-strong signs, excluding Gemini, the rest of the signs are Prishtodaya signs or the signs that rise with their hind part. Sound, ‘cavity, gravity, and hearing are the qualities of Akasa Tatva or either. And my son, Saturn, is the servant.


Hora Ratnam Two Vols

The sign Leo-denotes butchers and hence the text uses the word “torturers”. In case of a query, the age and caste of the lord of the ascendant will lead to the knowledge of the thief. Knowldge of arithmetic “Paati”multipliers “Kuttaka”-treated by Brahma Gupta and, algebra “Beeja” is essential in calculating planetary positions and other astronomical phenomena. All the three kings referred to above went to forests giving up their flourishing kingdoms and suffered untold miseries along with their wives.

If a house is aspected by a planet that is placed in its sign of debility or in that of an enemy, evil effects will follow. If the Sun is powerful, the native will have strong bones; with Saturn’s strength, he will have a muscular physique, so on and so forth. Every bit of space in the zodiac has its, own nature and one cannot take destiny for granted. The use of these are as under. You guys are doing an excellent job. From the 5th house one should seek to know of intelligence and progeny.

Jupiter can make one wise or unwise. If both the Sun and the Moon are in their degrees of deep debilitation, the native will be blind, unclad dumb and will have a troubled livelihood. Rulers of these divisions are the same as the lords of such signs.

In the body of Time Personified, it occupies the space from shoulders to the end of arms laces of dancing and singing, sculpture, females, places of sports, sexual enjoyment arid amusement come under this sign. The third one is Gemini constituted by a lute holding female and mace-holding male. For example, the first five degrees of Aries are ruled by Mars. Aries and Taurus are strong in the night.


Bala Bhadra’s Hora Ratnam: With Original Deva Nagari Slokas – Balabhadra – Google Books

It also means the trunk of a tree wherefrom its branches begin. The places described for various planets can also be used as under. The author discusses initially the supremacy of the destiny and ultimately establishes the wide utility of horoscopy and the gains through human will. Thanks a lot Saurabh. In even signs these degrees are reversed. Narayana, younger to Khema Karna, was an expert in the secrets of Surya Siddhanta.

In the present verses, Bala Bhadra quotes Kasyapa and tells us as to what the Bora branch of astrology consists of Generally the are the subject matters diScussed in various ancient predictive astrology texts arid in that order. The 4th house is known as Paataala, against the 10th – its opposite house – being zenith or meridian in a horoscope. An unparalleled work, ‘Varsha Ratnam’ dealing with Tajaka system was also produced by him. The work Garga Jataka has clear instructions in regard to calculation of Navamasa.

Mercury in the company of these planets will also hoora a malefic. One Drekkana is of 10′ of arc. One must Indicates these various results related to soul etc. There will be losses through such elements in the dasa of an adverse planet.

Firstly “Siddhanta” which is a canonical text-book, especially on astronomy. One rantam in Riksha Sandhi or critical junctions of certain signs as mentioned in the previous verse will not live for long, will Cause difficulties to mother and will destroy the family lineage.