Thank you for purchasing a HUMAX satellite receiver. Please read this user manual carefully, to be able to safely install, use and maintain the receiver at. Humax F2 FoxT (box Read more about programme, software, channels, desired, displayed and display. Read online or download PDF • Page 55 / 78 • Humax F2-FOX User Manual • Humax Satellite.

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Disable Selects Disable if 22kHz Tone is not used. OK Selects a menu, or confirms the selected operation. HUMAX does not have any responsibility for direct, indirect, accidental, necessary and other damage due to your offer or use of the information contained in this manual.

If you select Recalculation with selecting Reference for Satellite f2-foz, the antenna is reset to default. Green light is displayed when the product is in operation.

In this case, you can use the Menu – Installation – Antenna Setting and Channel Search menu to configure your receiver as you like. Select Satellite Alternative using the the OK or button.

Humax F2-FOX T Digital Freeview

No message is displayed on the front panel or product has no power. TV The list of all TV channels with 2 sub-groups: The channel list for the selected sub-group is displayed. Language Watch programme in the selected language.


Note that OTA is only limited to certain geographical regions mainly due to different antennas having different footprints area where the signal can be received. Select the Satellite which the antenna points to.

Humax F2-FoxT Review

If the product does not work normally after completing the following trouble shooting, please contact your local product distributor or service centre.

Press the i button in the selected programme f2-fo view Extended Information for the selected channel. Press the OK or button, select your desired sub-group using the button, and then press the OK button.

Select Add and press the OK button to add a new Transponder data. Or, if channel lists are sorted by channel name, is switched into.

When completing the software update, the equipment is automatically powered off and on again. Select one option among All, TV and Radio using the button. Press the button while the channel list is displayed to view the group list.

Please refer to Automatic Search. If you are not sure of the type of power supplied to your home, consult your local power company.

Moves to 2 hours before. Web site and e-mail Homepage http: Product details Item Weight: Please read the following safety precautions carefully. West Motor sets West limit to move. Satellite The lists of channels classified by satellites. Select one value from the F2-vox value using the button, and press the OK button. Unauthori substitution may result in additional damage to the unit. Set the antenna correctly The channel has signal, but no audio or video.


Select Satellite using the button. Select Channel Type using the or button. The distance between antenna and receiver is 30 m instead of 60 m. For detailed information about Schedule, refer to Chapter 6.

Humax F2-FOXT Satellite TV System User Manual

When completing the software update, the product is automatically powered off and on again. Press the Red button to display the channel list group. The next procedures are the same as those of Automatic Search. Dolby Digital You can listen sound in Dolby Digital mode.

Humax Satellite TV System F2-FOX User Guide |

Select the Save and press the OK button to complete the editing. If the rate does not exist in the List, select User Define and enter the value directly. This will prevent damage to the unit due to lightning and power-surges.

Save yourself the stress and frustration.