book is about bringing the slasher trope to bear in your. Hunter: The Vigil game, helping you perhaps tell a story or chronicle that is effectively a slasher horror. players play actual serial killers instead of hunters would be very fucked up, Slashers are either hunters who have gone off the deep. : WoD Slasher*OP (World of Darkness) (): Chuck However, it is not a World of Darkness book, but a Hunter the Vigil book.

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Hunter: The Vigil

It changes with each killer. I mean, let’s assume a Charmer becomes President. What can possibly go wrong? They’re the murderous boogeymen that people tell stories about, stories that are ultimately all-too-real. They will find a victim, win their trust until they let down their guard, then do whatever horrible thing it is they do.

By the time an agent has enough evidence to call them in, they’re likely on site and in danger. They’re already ill equipped to deal with the slashers they often face to say nothing of the more common things that go bump in the night in the Vugil. The handlers can send them back to prison at will.

It’s being very good at making other people dead and getting away with it with the exception of Avengers-Working the Room is kind of a crappy talent.


Can the changelings find the truth before the Avenger manages to meld with the weavings of Fate and become a full-fledged Legend? Last edited by nofather ; Sometimes even a civilian – they hnter respond directly to reported crimes, but have a lot of leeway when it comes to cases their agents uncover or intuit. In 1e, rocket tag was a thing. You need good social skills to extract information from witnesses, especially hunted they don’t want to talk about.

Don’t get too attached to your Slasher, and don’t be surprised if your vampires or werewolves decide that they want to rip your Leatherface or Michael Myers or Freddy apart once they corner him.

Slashers in other Splats. – Onyx Path Forums

Field agents outside the unit get told nothing, and rumors seem to end a bit too quickly. There’s no counseling in TFV, see, no psych assessments.

It’s everywhere, you can see it if you look.

They gave me the original videos to show at viigl trial, I kept them away from other Feds. EVerything they do makes sense to them, if not outsiders.

Mutants are almost always born, and sometimes they become hunters. Later, they also found that eating brains increased intelligence – permanently and in a hereditary way.


Rare, but skasher happens. Their banes are humter easy to abuse by a smart opponent, assuming the slasher even cares about actually killing the vampire in the first place. This is basically a social network for serial killers and Slashers who haven’t completely thw their ability to relate to people, based on covering up each other’s messes and scoring “points” by their kills.


EVen their successes cause friction, since untrained civilians are showing up cops and federal agents. One of them burst into flames when exposed to sunlight on the way to trial. That’s not always the end, however. They helped me get a lot of evidence, though they were more than a little wary about showing their face in court.

White Wolf already tried hunters once.

FATAL & Friends — Hunter: The Vigil: Slasher

Their certainty in their mission is both a friend and a foe. They must be stopped.

You start to wonder about making it happen. Avengers don’t always become indiscriminate in their tartgeting, but the line blurs as they become more willing to kill for reasons other than the mission. The club’s members fought hard to stay free, but a worldwide murder ring was too much, and great tabloid fodder.

Even the supposedly mindless killers torture their victims with fear long before they strike. They learn exceptionally quickly, but unlike a Genius, they tend to have an agenda that keeps them active, motivated and away from stagnation.