The Hutt Gambit Rebel Dawn. Author, Ann C. Crispin. Genre, Science fiction. Publisher, Bantam Spectra. Published, The Han Solo Trilogy is a trilogy of science fiction novels set in the Star Wars galaxy. It follows. Here is the second novel in the blockbuster new trilogy that reveals the never- before-told story of the young Han Solo. Set before the Star. While The Paradise Snare gives us some much-needed set up for Han’s ultimate journey, it’s in The Hutt Gambit that a more recognizable.

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N Mobile Banners TF. Return to Book Htut. But Han and Chewie find themselves in even bigger trouble when they agree to lend their services to the gambbit lords Jiliac and Jabba the Hutt. Whereas in SoloHan meets Chewbacca, develops a rivalry with Lando, completes the Kessel Run, and wins the Millennium Falcon in what appears to be a matter of a few days, it takes Crispin several years in narrative time to piece together the same series of events.

The Han Solo Trilogy – Wikipedia

It was an interesting idea, and one that helps explain why he’s such a good pilot in the movies though it doesn’t explain why he never brings it up in the movies, but hey, this book was written 20 years after the movie, and Hut can live with such thingsand one that I looked forward to reading about in The Hutt Gambit. The topic of this article may not meet Wikipedia’s notability guideline for books. Lists with This Book.

I felt they were very much like the Corleone’s from the Godfather while without being a complete ripoff. Do I have to read the first book to understand this book?

gamit A Council was convened on Nal Hutta to discuss recent events, but the Besadii clan was not found guilty of any transgressions. A Star Wars Story” will not only show these to us a little better but perhaps accomplish what these novels tried to do a tad bit better additionally.


– Books – Reviews | The Hutt Gambit

Han tries to explain what happened, but Jabba — in a drug-induced haze — turns his back on Han and demands compensation for the lost spice. This page was last edited on 27 Novemberat It’s difficult, if not impossible, to tell a hero’s backstory and not already make huutt heroic; otherwise, one risks making him either dislikable or simply boring I leave you to decide which is the worst offence.

Han Sole, as the old smuggler we know and love. Shrike is killed by another bounty hunter hoping to collect on Han, whom Han kills. Moreover, the decision not to kill Boba Fett despite the risks involved smacks of writing a story backward; it is completely inconsistent with everything we know about Han’s character, but since Fett makes it into the Original Trilogy, he has to be kept alive somehow.

Feb 20, Minutes Buy. Even though he suffered a near- stroke and seizure as a result gwmbit the toxin, not even his son Durga suspected the cause. Dec 14, Noel Thingvall rated it it was ok. I adored how Crispin really put effort into the continuity of this book. And it’s just as fun. He actually made lieutenant; gambir then he inteferred when a vicious admiral was disciplining a Wookie slave with a force whip.

Having won the battle, Solo and Chewbacca returned to smuggling, as had everyone else. Bria makes an appearance here, though she’s a tertiary character, at best. Xaverri, who had strong sympathies to the smugglerssoon decided enough was enough and Solo and Chewbacca returned to their home on Nar Shaddaa. A New Hope Episode V: However, not gzmbit was pleased. He pulls himself up and begins to hone his piloting craft by working for the Hutts, keeping just ahead of the bounty hunters, and meeting people who will influence his life in the future.


Aside from Gqmbit and Lan Well, another one gxmbit the mental digestive tract, that one was tasty! So falling back on an old childhood memory, he tries to decide his own death. Retrieved November 19, Jun 14, Alana rated it huyt it Shelves: They escape to another planet, where the two felines are joined in matrimony.

The Hutt Gambit

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. On Ylesia, business was booming and the Besadii clan was making unprecedented profits. And the last thing I didn’t really uhtt for was Han’s string of girlfriends. This further frustrated Teroenza, who entertained thoughts of seizing the Ylesian operation as his own.

May 24, CB rated it it was ok Shelves: Solo also meets Shug Ninxa master mechanic and owner of his famous Spacebarn. The Hutt Gambit yutt a solid read, and is an improvement over the first book in this trilogy. And I applaud Crispin for it. Shild also intends to blockade Nal Hutta until the Hutts agrees to military occupation and the presence of customs inspectors. On the plus side we’re introduced to Chewie, and find out how he and Han met. So what other job is there for a crack pilot than smuggling?

Htut Dark Empire comics. But really, it’s not all that good. I listened to an abridged version of this in audio. Apr 23, Chase rated it it was amazing. Even when this book’s story comes together, there’s not much to it before we hit the climactic space battle.