On the Hydractive II, the relation between suspension modes and dashboard switch settings became more complicated: in both settings—Normal (the new name. A stylish 2 piece designed to keep you cool when you’re working hard. Featuring a breathable mesh panel for ventilation, the HydrActive 2. Well Ive been doing some more research.. And I have been reading about the Xantia VSX and its Hydractive 2 suspension set up. I know the.

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Because the pressure there is proportional to the load, so is the braking power. Its resolution have been doubled to 8 pulses generated per rotation, that is approximately 5 pulses per meter traveled although this depends somewhat on tire size.

LHM is a mineral oilquite close to automatic transmission fluid. The result is that the spring rate is kept constant, regardless of the load of the car.

At the heart of the system are the so-called ‘spheres’ one per wheel and one main accumulator as well as a dedicated brake accumulator on some models. Archived from the original on Timely recharging, approximately every 3 years, is thus vital. Front suspension sphere This section needs additional citations for verification. This is because of the inherent properties of a gas: Sensors Top left – suspension in “soft” state; the solenoid valve 1 is energised, the slide valve opens allowing hydraulic fluid to flow between the between the suspension cylinders and the spheres 4 and 3 via the dampers 6.

Hydractive 2

The time now is First, it was patented by the inventor, and second it had a perceived element of complexity, so automakers like Mercedes-BenzBritish Leyland HydrolasticHydragasand Lincoln sought to create simpler variants using a compressed air suspension.

A hydropneumatic system combines the advantages of two technological principles:. Above – the Xantia Activa undertaking the same slalom test at the same speed – note the total absence of body roll. The hydropneumatic suspension system offers an unparalleled level of comfort and control although it must be admitted that it is not perfect.


These procedures are clearly described in DIY manuals obtainable from automotive retailers. Maybe it was a dodgy car?

In Hydractive 2, the preset names were changed to Sport and Comfort. Nitrogen is used as the trapped gas to be compressed, since it is unlikely to cause corrosion.

Yeah, to be honest, I just want to get the best possible car which I can afford at this stage. This results in a suspension which is extremely soft in its initial movement far softer than a steel spring but which becomes harder and harder as it is compressed far stiffer than a steel spring.

Daring to be different p. This part of the circuit is at between and bars. The chief problem with LHS was that it absorbed moisture and dust from the air which caused corrosion in the system. The rear brakes are powered from the rear suspension circuit.

Hydropneumatically sprung cars can have a rear that is set very soft; one can easily push the empty car down with his hand. The BHI of the hydractive 3 suspension calculates the optimum vehicle height, using the following information:.

Hydractive 2 | Citroën BX do-it-yourself

The top is filled with nitrogen at high pressure, up to 75 barthe bottom connects to the car’s hydraulic fluid circuit. I see it’s back in News. The internal algorithm of the computer became more sophisticated.

Because the pressure there is proportional to the load, so is the braking power. When the ride height is too high e. Gas absorbs excessive force, whereas fluid in hydractove directly transfers force The suspension system usually features both self-leveling and driver-variable ride heightto provide extra clearance in rough terrain.

Hydractive 1 suspension systems had two user presets, Sport and Auto. The hydropneumatic system is a progressive spring-rate suspension, in other words the more it is compressed, the stiffer it becomes. In the DS, the hydraulic system provided power for the clutch, gearchange and steering. Each sphere consists of a hollow metal ball, open to the bottom, with the top and bottom of the sphere being separated by a hydfactive desmopan rubber membrane.


The rear spheres lie flat which permits an unobstructed boot floor with no suspension unit hydactive. Is this a Hydractive trait or do all Xantias do this? Mineral oil is hydrophobic, unlike standard brake fluid; therefore, gas bubbles do not form in the system, jydractive would be the case with standard brake hyddactive, creating a ‘spongy’ brake feel. The two modes are practically the same as on the previous Hydractive system: I can’t speak of comparisons because I own the only Xantia in probably mile radius, but I must admit, I have some reservations as to whether mine is soft enough in the front and if it’s normal or not.

When a load is added, it stiffens as much as necessary.

Hydropneumatic suspension

Where appropriate, and within milliseconds, these computers switch an extra pair of suspension spheres in or out of the circuit, to allow the car hydeactive smooth supple ride in normal circumstances, or greater roll resistance for better handling in corners.

Ahh thanks heaps Mandrake and Trixie! There are two cases leading to these corrected thresholds:. Cleaning the filters and changing the fluid at the recommended intervals removes most hycractive and wear particles from the system, ensuring the longevity of the system.

If the wrong type of fluid is used, the system must be drained and rinsed with Hydraflush, before draining again and filling with the correct fluid. Whenever the Hydractive 1 or 2 computers received abnormal sensor information, often caused by malfunctioning electrical contacts, the car’s suspension system would be forced into its firm setting for hdyractive remainder of the ride.

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