Gaius Julius Hyginus lived in Roman Spain in the first century CE. His Fabulae ( Fables) has long been recognized as being poor in quality and writing style;. Apollodorus’ Library and Hyginus’ Fabulae. Two Handbooks of Greek Mythology. Apollodorus & Hyginus Translated, with Introduction, by Stephen M. First century CE Roman author Gaius Julius Hyginus is well known for his writings concerning the Fabulae and Astronomica. These two categories are.

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Conon 37, where the Hyginis have their capital in Egyptian Thebes, with M. Aeolus and Boeotus, sons of Neptune and Menalippe; by a cow. Hyginus was a voluminous author: Phylleus, which is in Thessaly, from which place two rivers, Apidanus and Epineus, flowing separately, join into one.

When Pelias, observing this, recalled the prophesy he had received, he ordered him to ask from his enemy King Aeetes for the golden fleece of the ram which Phrixus had consecrated to Mars at Colchis. While hyginuus versions of the Cadmus myth connect him with Egypt, there is no other evidence for Phoenix going to Af- rica.

Because most of the material hygijus the Fabulae is Greek, the general as- sumption has been that Hyginus is following one or more Greek sources closely, with the extreme view being that he simply trans- lated a single Greek source. This chapter further shows its distance from Greek creation myths by failing to mention Prome- theus or Vulcan.

Cicero, in the Phaenomenadescribed its beauty and appearance in the following verses: Tantalus by Pluto, daughter of Himas. Keith, in The Classical Journal The use of idem in Hyginus is odd, and without an exact parallel in the Fabulae, but the decision to strike this line from the text gains us nothing and may be over hasty, both because it offers necessary in- formation it explains tripartito and because Hyginus uses part of it 42 On these traces of poetic speech see Dietze, Quaestiones Hyginianae, 35—42, who considers most of them genuine.


Not everyone, however, agrees: When Medea saw the palace burning, she killed her children from Jason, Mermerus and Pheres, and fled from Corinth.

It is no surprise to find that this poem also influences the Fabulae. Perhaps counterintuitively, translations help us see what is Greek about Greek myth.

This fabula, of course, could be a later addition, but it gives us some indication that this text was initially, or later became, an omnium gatherum that at- tracted Latin information.

Tyrrheni, qui postea Tusci sunt dicti. Moreover, Idmon, son of Apollo, also died at the house of King Lycus; he was gored by a boar when he went out for straw [corrupt: In fact the text of Fabulae was all but lost: Asterion and Amphion, sons of Hyperasius, others say of Hippasus, from Pellene.

A similar situation is fabula 4, Ino Euripidis. Menoetius, son of Actor, an Opuntian. The Indians became black, because their blood was turned to a dark color from the heat that came near. In the Iliad, when Glaucus and Dio- medes exchange genealogical information, Glaucus tells the story of his ancestor Bellerophon, who was ordered to kill the Chimaera Hom.

The Great Flood: Hyginus – Livius

Jove struck his breast with a flaming thunderbolt. Hyginus and Vergil Though Hyginus never cites Vergil by name, the Aeneid would have been another place for a Roman writer to find readily-available mythological material, especially considering the scholarly tradition that sprang up around the poem. MEDEA When Medea, the daughter of Aeetes and Idyia, had already begotten two sons from Jason, Mermerus and Pheres, and they were living in the greatest harmony, it was thrown in his teeth that a man so brave and handsome and noble should have for a wife a foreigner and a sorceress.

These trace horses are male. Bacchiand then only later, in C. The presence of the Cura story, then, must serve some other purpose.

Hyginus’ Fabulae: Toward a Roman Mythography | Kris Fletcher –

When Hercules and Polyphemus were searching for him, they were left behind as a wind carried away the hyginks. And so Aeetes gave Jason this task if he wished to take away the Golden Fleece: In Chapter 57, the story of Stheneboea, Hyginus tells how Proetus decided to kill Bellerophon by sending him to the Chimaera, quae tripartito ore flammam spirare dicebatur.


He was the builder of the ship Argo. Views Read Edit View history. Then, because he delayed a long time at the tomb, Tiphys, son of Phorbas, died.

The Great Flood: Hyginus

Text, Translation and Commentary of the Di- egeseis. Epaphus by Io, daughter of Inachus. Eriboetes, the fabjlae of Teleon, from Eleon. They show a certain pervasiveness of the Roman material and Roman interests. He did nothing about this in order to make it to the sacrifice quickly. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

Under the name of Hyginus there are extant what are probably two sets of school notes abbreviating his treatises on mythology ; one is a collection of Fabulae “stories”the other a “Poetical Astronomy”. By using this site, you cabulae to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Both fragments are conserved in Munich.

The Argonauts, through the kindness of Phineus, passed through the Symplegades. When he had overtaken her in the Adriatic sea in Histria at the court of King Alcinous and wished to fight for her with arms, Alcinous intervened between them so they would not fight; they took him up as judge, and he postponed until the next day.

Iphitus, son of Naubolus, from Phocis; others say that he was the son of Hippasus from the Peloponnesus. Another Iphiclus, son of Thestius, mother Leucippe, brother of Althaea by the same mother, a Lacedaemonian; a swift runner and thrower of the javelin.

Harpalyce, daughter of Harpalycus, king of the Amymneans; by a cow and mare. Moreover, they are said to hygimus from Thrace.

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