In this engrossing book, Maria Dzielska searches behind the legend to bring us the She takes us back to the Alexandria of Hypatia’s day, with its Library and. In this engrossing book, Maria Dzielska searches behind the legend to bring us the real story of Hypatia’s life and death, and new insight into her colorful world. John Toland. Hypatia or the History of a most beautiful, most virtuous, most learned and in every way accomplished lady, who was torn to pieces by the clergy of.

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Harold Ellens, Biblical Archaeology Review. This book is a brief academic take on Hypatia, in which the author rebuilds the story and narrative of her life, siting every source. And really, that’s what any good read does–it makes you want to read more! Kathleen Wider – – Hypatia 1 1: The author portrays the close circle of her students and provides the context for her public lectures; she concludes with 35 sober pages on the ‘life and death of Hypatia, ‘ interpreting her death as a kind of witch-burning in the transition from pagan Empire to Christian state.

Jun 13, Chrysten Lofton rated it it was amazing. Mosaics as History G. Cyril was mostly opposed by Orestes and Orestes seems to have had his courage and arguments strengthened by Hypatia — her making the bullets and Orestes firing them.

From Shame to Sin Kyle Harper. This year’s film Hypatia is a sensuous freethinker played by Rachel Weisz, a far cry from the virginal, sexagenarian Christian of history. But, her position as a woman functioning within a blatantly patriarchal social, political and religious structure must be addressed for us to fully understand the implications of her death as well as her contributions to the sciences.

Later histories paint Hypatia of Alexandria as the last of the great Greek pagan scholars. But, the glaring omissions of a critical treatment related to her out-of-place rise to importance and her origins leaves me wanting with many questions about why that part of the research was not addressed. The most well-known and influential of these was a woman philosopher named Sosipatra, who lived in the first half of the fourth century, and taught in Pergamon.

And while the subject matter of this fascinated me, the delivery of it was for the most part dry and droning. She takes us back to the Alexandria of Hypatia’s day, with its Library and Museion, pagan cults and the pontificate of Saint Cyril, thriving Jewish community and vibrant Greek culture, and circles of philosophers, mathematicians, astronomers, and militant Christians.


A “period of waning free thought, Natural Reason and Freedom of Inquiry”. And surely nothing can be farther from the spirit of Christianity than the allowance of massacres, fights, and transactions of that sort. Contents The Literary Legend of Hypatia. She was a virgin and she probably was also very pretty — the story of one of her students falling in love with her this was one of the stories that struck my laexandria the most at the time and her presenting him with her used sanitary napkin and saying that this is what he loved, not her true self is rehearsed here.

From that point on, it was down hill for the pagans.

Hypatia of Alexandria by Maria Dzielska

Some of them therefore, hurried away by a fierce and bigoted zeal, whose ringleader was a reader named Peter, waylaid her returning home, and dragging her from her carriage, they took her to the church called Caesareum, where they completely stripped her, and then murdered her with tiles. Finally it draws on various sources to examine the facts surrounding Hypatia’s cruel death, clarifying what the murder tells us about the tensions of this tumultuous era. Plato was very keen on this sort of thing – hence the phrase Nypatia Love.

This slander, leading to Hypatia’s murder was in actuality a Political act. And that is a pretty cool idea, if you ask me. This book is rzielska academic text and could have done with being re-drafted to tell the story in a bit more lively fashion. The vicious act shocked the city and shamed the early Church. View all 7 comments. From the moment she was brutally murdered by a mob of angry Christians, Hypatia became a legend, a figure who has ever since been used and manipulated by artists, writers, poets and feminists.

Aug 14, Alice Poon rated it really liked it Shelves: I wouldn’t have minded a bit of speculation in the text, especially about Hypatia’s mathematics and philosopy; however, Dzielska makes mria clear that any such speculation would be unfounded we know Hypatia was a respected teacher, but we know nothing of what she taught. This story also makes another interesting parallel with the modern world, at least for those of us in the USA.

Dzielska deftly used sources to show that Hypatia was a year old woman when she was murdered, not the voluptious and young girl that has mesemerized scholars for centuries. The reader can feel her frustration with more modern writers who have immortalized Hypatia in ways that support their own objectives or biases.

But what do we really know about her? Followed on in the many body of the book Dzielska examines themes ranging from the content of the lectures Hypatia taught, correspondence between Hypatia and her students or academic circle, to the civic life of the city, or the backdrop as it were, covering the conflict between the Imperial and Ecclesiastic authorities.


Hypatia of Alexandria : Maria Dzielska :

Books by Maria Dzielska. This volume searches behind the legend to provide a new perspective on Hypatia’s life and death. After tearing her body in pieces, they took her mangled limbs to a place called Cinaron, and there burnt them.

Hypatia scholars Serapeum Simplicius Socrates Socrates Scholasticus sophrosyne sources spiritual student of Hypatia’s studies with Hypatia Suda Synesius Synesius asks Synesius of Cyrene teacher teaching temple Theodosius Theon Theophilus theurgy virtues wisdom woman philosopher women writings young Zintzen. What this book does is review dzeilska the source material we have, picking out what seems established as true, comparing different versions of stories, speculating on the most likely interpre I liked this book, but readers should be aware from the beginning that it is not a biography.

During the decline of the Roman Empire, Alexandria Egypt was still a great city of wealth, trade, tolerance, but also a very unstable society that was divided between ethnic, religious and much more social strata that was tearing it apart. hypstia

Hypatia of Alexandria

Thanks for telling us about the problem. This clumsy academic writing was a major distraction. She wasn’t killed because of her beliefs, she was killed because it supported an increase of political power by one group – the supporters of the Catholic Bishop Cyril – over the imperial administrator Orestes. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

It was this affront that gave Cyril mariia he needed to add to his lies that Hypatia had overwhelmed Prefect Orestes with her “black magic” and was thus malevolently influencing the Alexandrian Government I greatly appreciated Maria Dzielska’s monograph due to her scholarly dissection of the period in history, comparing and contrasting the primary historical sources in order to come up with the most accurate account of Hypatia, her students, the political climate and the cultural backdrop in which this episode took place Feb 26, Dschreiber rated it liked it.

Allowances should be made. Prefect Orestes more ‘secularized’ faction Civitas Hpyatia aroused trepidation among Cyril’s adherents and other clergy members.