Results 1 – 48 of You are Here: Home» Store Home» RC Parts» Hyper 7 TQ / PBS Buggy . L HYPER 7 (LONG) REAR LOWER ARM-2PCS. The OFNA Hyper 7 PBS is the ultimate off-road vehicle for leisure and competition. Superior performance, rugged features, and exhilirating speed all at a great. Thinking of upgrading my Hyper 7 to PBS suspension front and rear. Can anyone give me a run down of the advantages? Cost and parts.

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Right now ive got a little bit of toe out in the front, and have touched the toe in the rear. Racing your mates round the park is a bit different to racing competitively. Cost and parts required would be nice too, but I should be able to work that out if I find the PBS version manual.

I modded the rear sway bar so it would fit the front, and i have the stock rear sway bar in the back. Cheers mate, mainly bashing but racing mates too It has seen some pretty acrobatic crashes and the only thing that happened was the set screw the holds the tuned pipe bracket backed out.

Dont know why everyones bags on the PBS. Thats good to hear, we have a very small ‘ x 50’ tight techinal track at our club and steering is a huge issue. Add a Poll to this Thread.

I know this is kind of an old thread but i keep breaking the steering knuckles, do uyper7 think i should just get the cnc ones or save up and get the PBS conversion? Sign in with Twitter. Posted July 28, Find More Posts by hasminor.


If you have a smooth buggy which drives around the track without oversteering or understeering with a good engine it’s all you’ll ever need. The thing is, right now i dont know whjat all these different tuning adjustments, do and what each of there pros and cons are, and when to use them, but i know i used to have a very in-depth tuning guide saved to my PC, and I REALLY need a jyper7 to one of those so i can print it out so when i go to my loacl track, i know what adjustments to make.

RC Parts, Hyper 7 TQ / PBS Buggy | HoBao Enterprising

Other than servos, tires and diff oil I don’t know what other upgrades I’ll need. Can anyone give me a run down of the advantages? He is doing great with it. Thank you lbs syuspension one was the one i had before, but all my bookmarks fgot deletd, WOw those are really helpful whoever put the time in to make these. There have been many developments like milled chassis ,improved engines, lighter materials like carbon fibre is being used.

I really could use some help getting this car to turn better. Isn’t the hyper 7 heavier than the jammin??? And just to let you know,i’ve raced against mugen prospec,Kanai II and Kanai III my brothers ,when i first bought the hyper 7 and didn’t know how to set it up correctly, i had major oversteer while others were driving like “crazy”.


Hyper 7 TQ / PBS Buggy

It’s all up to the driver and the engine. Register a new account. The same goes for rc as 10 years of development has been since the hyper first came out. That will improve the cornering for it. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. So as far as racing goes what is a good ‘racing’ entry standard car.?

I have the Hyper 7 as well i love the thing and i find it very competitive on the track when tuned correctly. But if you buy a hyper 7, one of the best bashers out there as its a 10 yr old car it won’t be very competitive.

Just out of interest, what are you competing against if your standard 10yr old buggy and standard off the shelf MT engine is trouncing the competition? V-Spec in it All brand Newafter winning the bid I started my research, kinda backwards lol, and from what i’ve found it a beginner buggy. Send a private message to gerwen. Can I just ask why you wouldn’t race with the Hyper pbw I would have to disagree with that to be honest.

General – Nitro Search In. Posted July 1, edited.