Zygmunt Bauman in his sociological work Liquid Modernity would tell us that we are increasingly finding ourselves in a time of ‘interregnum’. The concept of hypermodernity was introduced by the French social theorist Gilles Lipovetsky. In a hypermodern culture, he wrote. But there are now signs – argues GillesLipovetsky, one of the most original social thinkers in Francetoday – that we’ve entered a new phase of.

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We are free to hyermodern our own paths, and free to suffer the consequences accordingly while the societal mainstays such as religion, duty, family, and even the earth itself disintegrate in our hands, by own own volition. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Participation of European organisations in societal debates www. The deregulation in the economic sphere brought with it a deregulation of the base set of secular norms and functional scripts that had guided the Fordist era, and now in the neo-modern moment we see the deregulation of self and identity; or, what many term the fragilization of the earth.

Even the older liberal humanist framework of the secular Enlightenment has fallen to this accelerated future, a realm where the individual is thrown back on commodity nihilism and corporate performativity.

And the hypermodern individual, while oriented towards pleasure and hedonism, is also filled with the kind of tension and anxiety that comes from living in a world which has been stripped of tradition and which faces an uncertain future.

Le retour du religieux explique ces nouveaux temps difficiles. Aug 20, L rated it really liked it Shelves: A vast majority hypermoderrn European communication professionals I recognized myself and society in these pages.

Hyperconsumption is a consumption which absorbs and integrates more and more spheres of social life and which encourages individuals to consume for their own personal pleasure rather than to enhance their social status.


We are preoccupied with the present but also hypermodeen memory.

Organisations lipovftsky postmodern and hypermodern characteristics seem faster and better at sensing the trend towards an overarching consumer mentality. Even the name is edgy: This hypermodernity is characterized, says he, by paradox: You are currently using the site but have requested a page in the site.

The spell of the ies llpovetsky is broken. The old rules are lost, but new ways evolve. These are hypermodern times. Modern rationality is also in overdrive, lipovetsyk continuous change and flexibility. Trivia About Hypermodern Times. In the hypermodern culture, psychiatric knowledge and tools are suddenly indispensable for people who struggle to use their minds just as their bodies. Notify me of new posts via email.

One hundred years since the Romanov murders One hundred years have just passed since the Bolshevik regime in what was to become the Soviet union decided to kill all members of the Roma Feb 24, Renee Leech rated it really liked it. Books by Gilles Lipovetsky.

Hypermodern Times: Gilles Lipovetsky | Break The Code

Thalyta Bonfim rated it really liked it Apr 17, Governments have become the fare lipoveysky RealityTV, ineffectual and bankrupt, they perform their endless comedy routines of Left and Right as if these things still existed or even mattered. Livia rated it really liked it Oct 08, Ivana rated it really liked it Jan 08, Refresh and try again.

Everything worries and alarms them, and there are no longer any beliefs systems to which they can turn for assurance.

Jan Martinek rated it really gil,es it Mar 29, Surprisingly he also manages to create a balanced picture though his suggestion of paradox almost lends itself to this. Psychiatry is, and always has been, medicine’s—and perhaps the modern era’s—most daring enterprise.


Caio Miranda rated it really liked it Apr 24, And the hypermodern individual, while oriented towards pleasure and hedonism, is also filled with the kind of tension and anxiety that comes from living in a world which has been stripped of tradition and which faces an uncertain future.

On the contrary, mental health is getting steadily worse in the hypermodern culture, treatment results have not improved in any general sense and psychiatry itself is getting more repressive, with more involuntary care, forced pharmacotherapies and long-term monitoring. Published April 22nd by Polity Press first published A hypermodern culture of overdrive and tlmes yields many new challenges for the communication profession. Notify me of new comments via email.

Hypermodern Times

Whereas postmodernism was a hypetmodern sigh of happy relief from societal constraints and also an op This is a page, densely-packed book which consists of an introductory essay by Charles Sebastien, the main essay by Lipovetsky, and an interview of the latter by the former.

Frequency based on scale points While the nouveau rich of our era wander the globe seeking ever faster mobility and the luxury of cultural tourism. Gustav Larsson rated it really liked it Sep 19, Partly excerpted from this paperavailable in full text, where changes in psychiatry from modernism to postmodern and hypermodern times are described. You are commenting using your WordPress.


The second modernity, or hypermodernity, commenced aroundsays Lipovetsky, when advances in production met post war and Depression cravings for gratification. Tony Ocampo rated it really liked it Apr 13,