Tamiya ryu Iaijutsu. Koran no Maki – the second volume by Takeda N. Sensei – Iaido Kyoshi 7th Dan. The following is a brief description of these kata. There are 43 iai kata with no particular order, but 7 are considered basic. Properly speaking, Shinkage-ryu does not contain iaijutsu techniques, it is strictly a.

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Pick up sword and sageo with right hand. Some people here say it’s about seeing an enemy’s shadow in the moonlight.

A series of forms and concepts born of battlefield sensibly will be a part of your education in this venerated style of individual combat. Left foot goes back next to the right. Tai-ryu — big dragon.

In each generation a headmaster, or soke, has been appointed to guide the practice of the art and each soke has had its own influence on its development.

Muso Jikiden Eishin-ryu Iaijutsu–Colorado Komei Juku

iaijutzu Shigure-otoshi — sudden downpour. Chidori-gaeshi — bird, walk like drunk. Mizu Kagami Reflection in the water One opponent in front, one on the rear.

But, to know when to act, to feel compassion even in the heart of conflict, and to be able to see beyond the surface of the situation, and know what to do. Tanimura Kame no Jo Yorikatsu Sugio. The following is a brief description of these kata.


Just like the moon is unmoved by movement of the water, so your kokoro should be unmoved by people with pointy objects Mojiri Tachi The twisting sword One opponent to the rear. How much has gone into this system.

Iaido Katas – Black Belt Wiki

Un-ryu — iakjutsu dragon Lineage of Muso Jikiden Eishin-ryu. Tsurube-otoshi — letting go of a water pale in a well, when sun goes down fast, dropping quickly 6. Tai-ryu — big dragon 4. These stylistic changes demanded fundamental changes in the arts techniques.

Itoma-goi — say goodbye manner, make partner loose attention. Mai-chou — flying, butterfly Tachi waza: As such he has been awarded a menkyo teaching licnese. Two opponents from the front. In addition to its meditative focus on calmness, Iaijutsu also emphasizes awareness, precision, iaijutus and centering related to handling the sword and the self.

Sui-ryu — water stream. Iai is about not giving up, never quitting and seeing yourself through to the end. Step with the right foot in the iaijutsh of the last opponent, while cutting horizontally. Iaijutsu is a martial art. Take one or two steps forward and cut down. This series consists of 8 tachiwaza and 6 suwariwaza. Matsu Kaze Wind trough the pines Two opponents in front. Matsuoka Yoshitaka is 7-dan kyoshi kendo and iaido. It’s the reflection of the moon on water.


Iaido Katas

Hayashizaki Jinsuke Shigenobu 2nd Headmaster: Withdraw the left foot, drop down on the left knee and cut. Kai-shaku — help to commit harikiri.

Sa Tetsu The left steel sword One enemy on the left. More pics of my nicest katana. On the second step, turn clockwise and deliver a tsuka strike to the rear enemy, leading with the right foot. I got credited in a Scientific American blog. Masaoka Kazumi 19th H. Withdraw the right foot and match swords with the enemy in front, advance the right foot, winding his sword and cutting down.

Tamiya ryu Iaijutsu

There are 43 iai kata with no particular order, but 7 are considered basic. Oki-tsunami — far away in the sea tsunami. Originally, Seigo-ryu was a jujutsu ryu that was practised in the Owari mata domain. Continue as in hirakinuki. I didn’t remember these names, but sensei kindly handed out a diagram with stick-person drawings very few sticks in the person unfortunately for the seven basic kata.

Draw like the previous kata, but standing up with left foot forward. Draw to the right and place left hand under the sword, ha pointing up.