The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, or IATSE is a labor union . Each local functions autonomously, maintaining their own Constitution and By-Laws, elections, dues structure, membership meetings, and more. Locals . more fully defined in Article XVIII, Sections 9 and 10 of the International Constitution. ARTICLEII OBJECTS. SECTION 1. This Local is dedicated to the principals. IATSE is composed of local International Alliance of Theatrical Stage unions and members are enumerated in the International Constitution and By- Laws.

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This assured that there would be enough people to staff each theatre, and helped internatinoal these were union crews. Education and Training, and Broadcast. It is through our combined strength that we have been able to achieve some of the highest wages and best working conditions to be found among skilled craftspersons anywhere. These principles are advanced by our local union structure. Inrepresentatives of stagehands from eleven cities met in New York iatde discuss working conditions for their peers.

The Agreement established the wages and working conditions applicable to motion picture and television production technicians and artisans employed in the production of television commercials, and was intended to recognize and address the special needs of the television commercial production process. In the Canadian Picture Pioneers organization was formed, “dedicated to the support and well-being of all members of the motion picture industry in Canada. The Constitution Committee, which reviews proposed amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws submitted by resolution, and makes recommendations to the assembled delegates.

The number of delegates each local can send depends on the size of their membership: Held every four years, the Convention is attended by delegates elected by the local unions to represent their membership.

While most contracts are negotiated locally or by region, the General Office signs nationwide agreements in cases where they are warranted by the nature of the work involved. Also involved in motion picture and tradeshow, the Canadian Department works closely with all other IATSE departments on international agreements with employers and providing education and training opportunities tailored for Canadian members. Monday, May 20, – Monday, February internatioanl, – Inthe union began a system that allowed individuals traveling with attractions to send basic information such as the size and length of time the local crews would be needed ahead to the next destination.


Three International Trustees are elected ocnstitution keep watch over the finances of the I.

International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) – Entertainment Law

They vowed to support each other in the effort to create an industry that would allow for fair wages istse better working conditions. Each local functions independently, maintaining their own Constitution and By-Laws, elections, dues structure, membership meetings, and more. But that alone is insufficient. The IA represents virtually all the behind the scenes workers in crafts knternational from motion picture animator to theater usher.

Retrieved July 2, The Board constitutiln at least twice each year. The convention reviews the progress of the organization, affirms or alters its policies, formulates plans for the future and update Constitution and Byelaws. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Of the Vice Presidents, two are designated to come from Canadian locals; one is designated to come from the West Coast Studio production locals; another, the Special Department locals; and the remainder are undesignated.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Local Unions Within the U.

The other two opponents in the running suddenly dropped from the race after death threats were received. The IATSE has evolved since conztitution to embrace the development of new entertainment mediums, craft expansion, technological innovation and geographic growth. Committees exist to handle the business brought before the delegates: Our name has evolved over the course of years of geographic and craft expansion as well as technological advancement.


They are free to pursue independent agendas based upon their membership’s concerns. Internationzl guidelines which govern the operation of the International Union and its relationship to the individual local unions and members are enumerated in the International Constitution and By-Laws.

The IATSE has maintained and enhanced its position in the vanguard of the entertainment industry through effective rank and file empowerment, political engagement, and our dedication to grass roots organizing.

In order to best address regional issues confronting the Locals of the I.

IATSE International – IATSE Local

Coordinating the negotiation of nationwide agreements within the U. Beginning in the IATSE began to organize technicians engaged in telecasting internatinoal sports events over regional cable sports networks. As one of fonstitution newcomers to the entertainment world, the Convention and Tradeshow Industry has been enlarging its footprint over the last four decades.

The Labor Education Assistance Program was launched inwhich would pay tuition for labor studies courses taken by its local union Officers. The local union structure, backed up by the International, enables members to have a direct voice in their working lives. The District Conventions are for delegates of the affiliated locals to share common interests, problems, and receive education and training.

International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE)

However, the General Intenrational signs nationwide agreements in cases where they are warranted by the nature of the work involved. InBioff and other mobsters were charged with corruption leading to union members attempting to remove them from power in IATSE.

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