Find out how easy it is to wire a IC with just a hand full of components and obtain multiple frequency outputs. The oscillator is popularly used and this . CD is the versatile Binary counter IC that can be used in Timer applications. When a resistor is connected to its pin 10 and a capacitor in. Another versatile device, the IC has numerous applications and can be used for implementing various useful functions in an electronic.

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Pin 8 is to be connected to the ground.

Design Your Circuit. Part II – CD Timer – Mohan’s electronics blog

The basic frequency of the internal oscillator is determined by the value of the capacitor connected to its pin 9 and the resistor connected to pin Inside the IC there is an oscillator and 14 series connected Bistables Ripple cascade arrangement. Capacitors offer infinite reactance to zero frequency so they are used for blocking DC components or bypassing the AC signals.

Speaker A loudspeaker or “speaker” is a transducer that converts electrical energy into acoustical energy. IC is an excellent integrated circuit for timing applications.

How to set CD IC as Timer – Mohan’s electronics blog

A speaker is commonly used Ten of these fifteen signals are available on the output pins Q4- Q S1 connected to pin. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. It is necessary to add a capacitor close to pin 16 of IC so that minute voltage changes will not affect the timing cycle.


Relay Switch Relay is an electromagnetic device which is used to isolate two circuits electrically and connect them magnetically. Cx4060 you want to get alarm after every preset time interval, then remove this diode.

The charge q stored in a capacitor is the product of its capacitance C value and the voltage V applied to it. By increasing or decreasing the value of capacitor and resistor, we can change the time delay for the period of on and off.

Timer Circuit using IC CD 4060

Generally most ICs have a sunken circle just beside pin 1, otherwise it can be identified as follows:. Virgin Galactic — Commercial Space Flight. Resistor Resistor is a passive component used to control current in a circuit. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Its resistance is given by the ratio of cd4600 applied across its terminals to the current passing through it.

Its inbuilt oscillator is based on three inverters.

IC 4060 Oscillator Explained

Countdown timer using microcontroller AT89C The free ends of these components are all joined together. Image below shows the pin layout of the Lc To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Choosing Battery for Robots.

Resistor at pin 11 should be roughly 10 times that of resistor at pin Alarm can be adjusted for duration of 30 seconds to 2 hour 30 minutes. It is basically a 14 stage binary ripple counter and consists of an internal oscillator.


Reset pin 12 should be grounded. Group all Htabs Electronics. The basic frequency of the internal oscillator is determined by the value of the timing capacitor connected to its pin 9 and that of the timing resistor in its pin Heavy loads such as relay can be operated through a driver transistor. Several times we forget to switch off the gas, electric oven, stove or motor while watching TV or taking on the phone or while talking to a friend in your neighborhood.

Pin 11 is the Osc In Clock In to which pulses from an external oscillator such as Crystal oscillator can be given. This happens because we have connected pin 11 through a diode, oscillation stop and IC remains latched in high state until it resets.

We have been studying a lot about microprocessors and have taken a look at the architecture. Relay is an electromagnetic device which is used to isolate two circuits electrically and connect them magnetically.

Interface SD Card with Arduino. Its 16 pins are designated as follows: The cd40060 can be stopped or reset by applying a logic 1 or a positive supply to pin 12 of the IC. With a few components, it is easy to construct a simple but reliable time delay circuit. Choosing Motor For Robots.