Doc – 05 – Security Manual – Seventh Edition – Free download as PDF File . pdf), Text File Check the ICAO website under aviation security. ICAO SECURITY MANUAL DOC The following PDF talk about the subject of ICAO SECURITY MANUAL DOC , coupled with the. and booksellers, please go to the ICAO website at .. The Aviation Security Manual (Doc — Restricted) provides detailed.

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Persons wishing to rent aircraft without presenting proper credentials or identification. Once the level of risk has been determined mitigating factors can be devised to counter the threat. ICAO Annex 1 The pilot license, when linked to a government issued identification containing a photograph such as a driving licensewill permit authorized personnel to positively identify pilot personnel.

The remaining majority is occupied with personal transportation, flight instruction, business travel, agricultural application and other gainful pursuits. Elements of these analyses may include: Oftentimes questions regarding the legitimacy of an activity can be quickly and easily resolved by bringing it to the attention of an airport employee. By definition these facilities do not serve scheduled commercial air transportation yet may accommodate occasional air taxi operations.

See General Aviation Airport Security Procedures Operational control refers to airspace restrictions imposed by the State to prevent operation of aircraft in the vicinity of sensitive areas or activities. Therefore, lengthy clandestine preparations must be made, often difficult at active airports.

But, any moderate sized airport, located within 50 km of a major metropolitan area may constitute an elevated threat due to the proximity of potential terrorist targets. The ability to correctly identify a flight crewmember and aircraft should lower potential threats to easily manageable levels. Specific programs are provided below for larger aircraft, on-demand CAT air taxi and aerial work operations.


The diverse size and configuration of GA airports makes the establishment of a icoa set of security precautions difficult. Events or circumstances that do not fit the pattern of lawful, normal activity at an airport. Turn on more accessible mode. Airport managers can either utilize an existing airport watch program or establish their own airport specific plan.

This material covers such icxo as airline and cargo security and, of course, crisis management.

The findings of these studies indicate that due to the numerous and successively dependent steps required to accomplish various unauthorized secuurity, the resulting probabilities were quite low. See Airport Community Watch Program Local controls are normally associated with access to airports and airport operating areas.

Turn on more accessible mode. This should include encouraging airport and line staff to ‘query’ unknowns on ramps, near aircraft, etc. First is to airport management. Manuxl operations deemed to pose a significant threat should be required to establish and maintain a State approved written security program, incorporating the following provisions: The ability for all personnel to react positively and rapidly may make the difference between a major security event and a minor administrative issue.

International Council of Aircraft Owner and Pilot Association

Security fences, locked hangars and operating area access controls serve as credible deterrents. This is done through perimeter security controls.

Provide training to all involved for recognizing suspicious activity and appropriate response tactics. Closely aligned with security processes, facilitation matters are addressed by the Facilitation FAL Programmesecurith is managed by the Facilitation Section.

Threat and Risk Assessment The first step in devising a security program for a GA airport is to determine the type and securty of threats facing the facility.

IAOPA Input for ICAO Security Manual (DOC 8973)

See Airport Community Watch Program. Because of this secudity a single security formula is inappropriate for all GA airports. ICAO Annex 1 The pilot license, when linked to a government issued identification containing a photograph such as a driving licensewill permit authorized personnel to positively identify pilot personnel.


Because large fire suppression and agricultural aircraft are potentially more hazardous, these categories of AW aircraft need more stringent protection and monitoring than GA and smaller AW aircraft.

Scheduled CAT generally operates from major airports that provide a significant security control and screening infrastructure. Any pilot who makes threats or iccao inconsistent with normal uses of aircraft. Once the level of risk has been determined mitigating factors can be devised to counter the threat. Encourage proactive participation in aircraft and facility security and heightened awareness measures.

Aircraft with unusual or unauthorized modifications. What is the probability of the action being accomplished? However, these controls normally are not as restrictive as those for scheduled CAT since GA operating areas are not located within designated security restricted areas. Hold periodic meetings with the airport community.

Install a bulletin board for posting security information and meeting notices.

Doc Security Manual –

Size and configuration of the airport Proximity to major metropolitan areas Number and type of based aircraft Number of aircraft operations Before any threat assessment is undertaken the actual capability of a GA aircraft to cause ica to persons or ground infrastructure should be understood. What are the potential aircraft misuses? In addition, ICAO provides support for regional security initiatives with the aim of strengthening aviation security globally.