ICEA P-45-482 PDF

ICEA P Short Circuit Performance of Metallic Shields and Sheaths on Insulated Cables. standard by Insulated Cable Engineers. ICEA P SHORT CIRCUIT PERFORMANCE. OF. METALLIC SHIELDS AND SHEATHS. ON. INSULATED CABLES. Approval by. AMERICAN. TEST METHOD FOR MEASUREMENT OF HOT CREEP OF POLYMERIC INSULATIONS. ICEA S ICEA S standard for power cables.

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The effective cross-sectional area of a shield or sheath needed to withstand a given short-circuit current for a given time. Installing a single cable in a magnetic duct results in HIGH p-45-428 and a de-rated ampacity.

While resulting in slightly higher reactances than three cables in a non-magnetic duct, it is optimal relative to the alternative of a single cable in a magnetic duct. In some cases, the efficiency of protective equipment may require proper size ground wires as a supplement to shielding. Are you kcea Engineering professional?

Nonmetallic shields – consist of either a conducting tape or a layer of conducting compound. Three conductors in magnetic conduit will have a somewhat higher reactance than cables in non-magnetic conduit.

Students Click Here Join Us! So, A is not an actual area-in order to calculate the tape resistance.

General Calculations Excerpt from PRYSMIAN`S WIRE AND CABLE

If the surface of the cable is separated from ground by a thin layer of air and the air gap is subjected to a voltage stress, which exceeds the dielectric strength of air, a discharge will occur, causing ozone formation. Frequent grounding of shields reduces the possibility of open sections on nonmetallic covered cable. Open wire lines have a high reactance. If magnetic ducts must be used, it is recommended that all three cables be placed in a single duct.

Transition from conducting to nonconducting environment. Where regulation is an important consideration several factors should be kept in mind in order to obtain the best operating conditions. While these cables are applicable to the great majority of cable installations that are on grounded systems, they may also be used on other systems for which the application of cables is acceptable, provided the above clearing requirements are met in completely de-energizing the faulted section.


The following equation can be utilized to find the reactance of a given configuration by using the concept of geometric mean radius. To obtain the voltage drop line-to-line, multiply the voltage drop by 3. While the heat loss in the cable determines the maximum current it can safely carry without excessive deterioration, many circuits will be limited to currents lower than this in order to keep the voltage drop within permissible values.

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General Calculations Excerpt from PRYSMIAN`S WIRE AND CABLE

Single conductors should not be installed in individual magnetic conduit because of the excessive reactance. Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. XLPE jackets can allow reduced copper content p-45-4882 higher operating efficiencies.

Short-Circuit Currents for Insulated Cable Conductors Steady increases in kVA capacity of power distribution systems have resulted in possible short circuit currents of such magnitude that the resulting high conductor temperature may seriously damage the conductor insulation.

Helically applied flat tape, overlapped See note 3. Download Now White Paper: It is accomplished by means of strand and insulation shields.

Potential reduction of copper content — and overall cable cost — by reducing the number of concentric neutral wires Potential lower operating costs and energy losses over the life of the cable “The overall cost and sustainability benefits of XLPE jackets make them a cost-reducing alternative to the commonly used linear low density polyethylene LLDPE jackets,” says Emory Barber, director of cable and systems engineering for Southwire’s Energy Division.


In this connection it should be remembered that the high voltage circuit should be carried as far as possible so that the secondary runs, where most of the voltage drop occurs, will be small. The area of contact should be ample to prevent the current from heating the connection and melting the solder.

Insulated Cable Engineers Assoc., Publication No. PRevised – Google Books

The formula you picked up from P is destined for: The tape may be conducting compound, fibrous tape faced or filled with conducting compound, or conducting fibrous tape. Shield losses due to circulating currents go down by approximately 2 percent, which brings energy costs down. Every source I found used a different formula which does take the shield diameter into account.

This combination will ensure a permanent low resistance, which will maintain contact even if the solder melts.

ICEA P-45-482-2005

Shield Materials Two distinct types of materials are employed in constructing cable shields: Download Now Defense manufacturing is all about project manufacturing and project accounting. Consult the cable manufacturer for insulation thicknesses. The reduction occurs because XLPE allows much higher transient short-circuit operating temperatures. The system short circuit capacity, the conductor cross-sectional area and the circuit breaker opening time should be such that these maximum allowable short circuit currents are not exceeded.

It accommodates various spacing of the conductors and other unique parameters as indicated within the nomogram itself. Reasons such as off-topic, duplicates, flames, illegal, vulgar, or students posting their homework.