Iced!: The Illusionary Treatment Option [Gary Reinl, Dr. Kelly Starrett, Gabe Mirkin M.D.] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “Topical cooling. For years people have iced their injuries, thinking it helps the healing process. Now Gary Reinl says we were wrong and has the research to. This week we take a moment to review the book “ICED! The Illusionary Treatment Option” by author Gary Reinl. Find out what we think of Iced.

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What Lced got from the pages was a new found opinion on effective treatment options for injuries, and more of an understanding of cold therapy and what it really does to the human body.

Ashley Stewart May 3, If you open the end of a full balloon, then air will rush out. John Michael Bric June 20, If refrigerators can increase the shelf-life of meats, then freezers should preserve it for even longer. John Michael Bric August 19, By Jeff Pelizzaro on November 15, When fluid is built up in the body, like after an acute ankle sprain, it is a high pressure area.

In the late 60s, there was a young boy who somehow managed to sever his arm on a railroad track. Posted December 18, 0. Their logic was sound, and is still used to this day.

While Reinl spends most of the book telling us why icing is bad, he also gives us a detailed breakdown of which treatment options we should be using for specific injuries. The Good Solid Argument: Sometimes movement is painful, so only small, pain-free ranges of movements should be performed. Posted December 21, 0.


Today, he has revised his stance on ice. Latest News Hemp Oil for Golfers?

San Jose, CA office fax. Imagine a balloon filled with air.

He arrived at an emergency room with his dismembered limb. There can be inflammation without healing but there cannot be healing without inflammation. Ashley Stewart April 9, Acute soft-tissue injury is a unique situation where our body vitally needs to undergo the inflammatory response. I agree; I do, by design, repeat myself in the book: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Using very detailed and descriptive examples Reinl allows readers to grasp the point that icing only delays the inflammation process and as a result, slows iiced he healing process.

Iced: The Illusionary Treatment Option: A Book Review

I get to do this stuff for a living training that is, not playing. Synergen3 Dietary Supplement This week we take a moment to review a new supplement to hit the functional fitness market — Synergen3: Backed Up with Research and Ived I definitely felt like I was reading the same thing over and over again a few times during the book and would often read the same argument, or point, made in a different way later in the book.

He eventually regained functionality in the use of his limb. Sedating nerves to feel less pain can even be dangerous when you vary the fact that the brain is communicating with you when you perceive pain.

The Marc Pro is designed to rid the body of the metabolic waste that icced in our interstitial spaces. The answer has been accepted by athletes, non-athletes, and medical professionals everywhere.

So the reporters choice a piece that people could grasp — the bottom line was that if you ever sever a limb, put it in an ice bag. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You guessed it, I iced it!


114: Are you still Icing? with Gary Reinl the “Anti-Iceman”

Swelling and inflammation are not synonymous. Demonstration of the Marc Pro.

As a chamber is filled with fluid, the gates open to the next chamber, which pushes it along the pressure gradient. This is evident in his detailed use of research figures and study results throughout the book. Hemp Oil for Golfers? The Illusionary Treatment Option: This week we take a moment to review the Pavlok Shock Clock 2: Pavlok Shock Clock 2 Price: If you cut off a finger, put rsinl in a bag of ice to slow down coagulation and scarring of the torn blood vessels — you want them garg be open so the doctors can surgically reattach it.

ICED! The Illusionary Treatment Option

History of Icing In the late 60s, there was a young boy gqry somehow managed to sever his arm on a railroad track. Gary has authored three books, including Iced: If you’re on Twitter, say hello: As I read the book I could really relate to what Reinl was stating and his arguments and points all make complete sense to me.

Ice Delays Recovery From Injuries. Gar By Kelly Starrett: The longer the time treated, the more pump effect you get.