The conditions contained in Rule 65 RPE +; ; Fax: + – Email: press [at] () Follow ICTY on Twitter. Pursuant to Rule 6(D) of the Rules of Procedure and Evidence of the Tribunal, the adoption shall enter into force seven days after the date of. The Mechanism may conduct retrials; appeals proceedings from ICTR, ICTY and Mechanism cases; trials for contempt and false testimony; and review.

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To the extent possible under the procedure of national law, a State Party shall authorize the rp of a sentenced person through its territory and the provisions of article 89, paragraph 3 b and cand articles and and any rules relating thereto shall, as appropriate, apply. C Subject to Rule 75, the identity of the victim or witness shall be disclosed in sufficient time prior to the trial to allow adequate ichy for preparation of the defence.

The Rule details which information the Presidency has to transmit to the designated State in order to enable that State to make an informed decision whether to accept the designation or not. The ICTY ruled that the rehabilitation factor also comprised the attitude of the prisoner towards the deeds for which he was convicted Prosecutor v. The seven-day-period provided for at the ad hoc tribunals cf. Regarding fines, it follows from Rule 5 that the Presidency will first ask the convicted person to pay voluntarily.

E A witness may object to making any statement which might tend to incriminate him. E If a Judge is, for any reason, unable to continue sitting in a part-heard case, the Presiding Judge may, if that inability seems likely to be of short duration, adjourn the proceedings; otherwise he shall report to the President who may assign another Judge to the case and order either a rehearing or continuation of the proceedings from that point.

It further ensures that the Presidency can initiate proceedings under Part 9 parallel to any action by the State of enforcement. It is not clear, however, which provisions of Part 9 ought to be applied by analogy: B Questioning of a suspect shall not proceed without the presence of counsel unless the suspect has voluntarily waived his right to counsel.

Commentary RPE: Ch. 8: Case Matrix Network

A The Prosecutor shall make available to the defence, as soon as practicable after the initial appearance of the accused, copies of the supporting material which accompanied the indictment when confirmation was sought as well as all prior statements obtained by the Prosecutor from the accused or from prosecution witnesses.

The transfer of the accused to the seat of the Tribunal shall be arranged between the State authorities concerned, the authorities of the host country and the Registrar. An Appellant’s brief of argument and authorities shall be served on the other party and filed with the Registrar within ninety days of the certification of the record.


A Any detained person whose personal appearance as a witness has been requested by the Tribunal shall be transferred temporarily to the detention unit of the Tribunal, conditional on his return within the period decided by the Tribunal.

Unless otherwise directed by the Trial Chamber in the interests of justice, evidence at the trial shall be presented in the following sequence:. The wording suggests that in such icyt case, their decision not to conduct a hearing should be reasoned. The Registrar shall keep a Record Book which shall list, subject to Rule 53, all the particulars of each case brought before the Tribunal. On the other hand, a limited degree of rehabilitation played against the granting of early release.

One will mainly think of psychological impacts, but also social ictt may be triggered by the release in the same village, for instance.

B An amendment to the Rules may be otherwise adopted, provided it is unanimously approved by the Judges. This was an aspect often also considered by the ad hoc tribunals Prosecutor v BanovicNo.

United Nations International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals

On the one hand it is ictj for the Court to exclusively rely on the potentially biased information provided by the convict and thus further unfounded allegations [Gartner,p. The President shall, in July of each year and after consultation with the Judges, assign for each month of the next calendar year one Judge from each Trial Chamber as the Judges to whom indictments shall be transmitted for review under Rule 47, and shall publish the list of assignments.

C Judges elected or icth on different dates shall take precedence according to the dates of their election or appointment; Judges elected or appointed on the same date shall take precedence according to age. B Any party may apply to the Presiding Judge of a Chamber for the disqualification and withdrawal of a Judge of that Chamber from a trial or appeal upon the above grounds.

In Ruto et al.

If the Prosecutor has filed an appeal on behalf of a convicted person in accordance with article 81, paragraph 1 bbefore filing any notice of discontinuance, the Prosecutor shall inform the convicted person that he or she intends to discontinue the appeal in order to give him or her the opportunity to continue the appeal proceedings. A In joint trials, each accused shall be accorded the same rights as if he were being tried separately.

No deadline is specified, neither for the rendering of the decision nor for its communication to the parties. C Such third parties shall be summoned before the Trial Chamber and be given an opportunity to justify their claim to the property or its proceeds. Such motion must be served on the other party and filed with the Registrar not less than fifteen days before the date of the hearing.

Rules of Procedure and Evidence

Therefore, when faced with a request for suspensive effect, the Appeals Chamber will consider the specific circumstances of the case and the factors it considers relevant for the exercise of its discretion under these circumstances. As a consequence, the majority of them will not be likely to reoffend after release Hoffmann The Court will normally bear the costs of the surrender, unless one of the States volunteers to do so.


Any party who has filed an appeal may discontinue the appeal at any time before judgement has been delivered. Michael Stiel and Carl-Friedrich Stuckenberg. The sentenced person shall, within such time limit as the Presidency shall prescribe, submit in writing his or her views on the question to the Presidency. A general authority to request all pertinent information from the State of enforcement or any other reliable source is contained in sub-rule 1 b ; a similar right to be informed by the enforcement State about important events concerning the sentenced person is established in Rule E On expiration of the period decided by the Tribunal for the temporary transfer, the detained witness shall be remanded to the authorities of the requested State, unless the State, within that period, has transmitted an order of release of the witness, which shall take effect immediately.

In most cases, these will be compassionate cf.

A In exceptional circumstances, the Prosecutor may apply to a Trial Chamber to order the non-disclosure of the identity of a victim or witness who may be in danger or at risk until such person is brought under the protection of the Tribunal. B A warrant for the arrest of the accused and an order for his surrender to the Tribunal shall be transmitted by the Registrar to the national authorities of the State in whose territory or under whose jurisdiction or control the accused resides, or was last known to be, or is believed by the Registrar to be likely to be found, together with instructions that at the time of arrest the indictment and the statement of the rights of the accused be read to him in a language he understands and that he be cautioned in that language.

Schabas, The International Criminal Court: However, as soon as notice of appeal is given, the enforcement of the judgement shall thereupon be stayed until the decision on the appeal has been delivered, the ixty person meanwhile remaining in detention, as provided in Rule For instance, the prisoner may show a genuine dissociation from his crime, which before was not demonstrated, or he may have new prospects of a place to live and work for rpee release.

The appeal shall be heard as expeditiously as possible. The rule nonetheless also vests the Appeals Chamber with discretion to iccty a hearing. D Photography, video-recording or audio-recording of the trial, otherwise than by the Registry, may be authorised at the discretion of the Trial Chamber.