“The best novel William Gibson has ever written about the world we’re entering daily. Neuromancer made Gibson famous; Idoru cements that fame.”—The. The best novel William Gibson has ever written about the world we’re entering daily. Neuromancer made Gibson famous; Idoru cements that fame.”—The. Facts. Title: Idory Author: William Gibson Year of publishing: In Idoru Gibson concentrates on the themes of media and popularity in a.

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I re-read it even though there are about 50 new books that stare at me from shelves and got reminded why I love cyberpunk and this book in particular.

Those might sound like criticisms, but actually work in the book’s favour. She had viewed him as a living fossil, an annoying survival from an earlier, less evolved era.

So why did I rate it 4 stars and not 5? He incorporates the specifics of his futuristic world.

Meanwhile, Chia is sent to Tokyo by her friends in Rez’s Seattle-based fan club to discover the truth about The Rumor — that Rez intends to marry a software construct, an idoru called Rei Toei. Reading it now over twenty years after it was published you almost want to gibsin the characters, “Hey, we eventually survive all gibsonn Kardashian marriages, its going to be okay”. Meanwhile Chia has fun of a different kind, which mostly involves the kind of vacation where everything goes wrong idogu.

I suspect that has a lot to do with the speed of technological advancement, as some of what is discussed no longer seems plausible or seems outdated somehow. It was interesting, but I kept feeling like it was something I was reading out of the corner of my eye, and every time I looked directly at it, it slipped away.


IDORU by William Gibson | Kirkus Reviews

The technology is mostly assumed as part of the world, and there’s no great effort to williqm or justify it. Nov 06, Cameron Mulder rated it really liked it. Aug 06, Will Ransohoff igbson it it was amazing. For a series of books informally called “The Bridge Trilogy” there sure aren’t a lot of bridge to be seen this time out unless he means the metaphorical bridges between the hearts of men and. Rez has declared that he will marry her.

Dec 25, Benito rated it it was ok. I’ve made my constant William Gibson mistake again and not checked to see if this book is a part of a series. But there is real conflict with real plot twists and real intrigue, making it rewarding to read even now. Gibson is an ideas man: Nope, for some reason in this future the logical thing to do is send a teenager iidoru a foreign country by herself to check the situation out on the ground.

The fact that some of the “futuristic” detailing of this story is already here and old hat wasn’t lost on me, but didn’t bother me either. I reread Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson recently, which hy from much of the same style issues and even employs a whole bunch of the same painfully cliche character tropes as Idoru. Now in trade paperback from the author of Neuromancer comes a story that takes readers to 21st century Tokyo after the millennial quake, where something violently new is about to erupt.


B Laney knows how to sift for the dangerous bits. Maybe it’s my fault for reading only the second book of a trilogy, but I get the feeling it’s more that the point of this is to explore the future world envisioned by the author. This is the rumor that has brought Chia to Tokyo. Eddie’s Russian gangster friends demand their package, and assuming that Chia, Rez, and Laney are connected, hunt Chia.

Examining the scene with the novel’s thesis in mind, we begin to see what lies at the kernel of Kathy Torrance’s soliloquy: If you’re into stuff like this, you can read the full review.

She wore meticulous little reproductions of lineman’s boots, buckled across the instep and stoutly laced to the ankle. Tokyo, home of hyper-futuristic technology, super-cute pop stars and endless wacky gameshows. gibsin


The man’s palm felt like a piece of athletic equipment. Published January 7th by Berkley Trade first published September 4th He was at once massively and meaninglessly famous, she maintained, just as he was both massively and meaninglessly wealthy. Says they need a serious netrunner. Excerpts from the book. Dec 07, Dennis Costa rated it really liked it.