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IEC Standard | Switches for appliances – Part Requirements for mechanical switches. This part of IEC applies to switches for appliances. The switches are intended to control electrical appliances and other equipment for. This part of IEC applies to electronic switching devices and shall be used in conjunction with the general requirements of IEC

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Then the switches are subjected to test cycles, each cycle having a duration of approximately 1 h.

IEC 61058-1

60158-1 I The maximum rated current is maintained at least for 1 h or until a constant temperature at the terminals is attained. I – Altitude correction factors Altitude m Normal barometric pressure kPa Multiplication factor for clearances 2 The foil is pushed into comers and the like by means of the standard test finger of lECbut is not pressed into openings.

Clearance is the shortest direct air path over the top of the rib Creepage patti follows the contour idc the rib. Shopbop Designer Fashion Ied. When applied to openings as specified in 9. Testing and measurement techniques – Section 4: Radiated, radio-frequency, electromagnetic field immunity test Electromagnetic compatibility EMC — Part 4: Clearances, creepage distances, solid insulation and coatings of rigid printed board assemblies shall comply with the relevant subclauses Type of ioad- Incandescent lamp ioad.

Adhesives, eycept of the self-hardening type, are not deemed to be adequate to prevent loosening ot the actuating member. After both of these tests, the specimen shall show no damage to impair compliance with this standard If a switch is intended to have an actuating member but is submitted for approval without, then a pull and a push of 30 N are applied to the actuating means.

This does not preclude the free use, in the course of implementing the oec, of necessary details, such as symbols and sizes, type or grade designations. After these tests, the switch shall stilt comply with the requirements of clauses 9, 13, 15 and We have no amendments or corrections for this standard.


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If the removal of a part, such as a key, is necessary during tfie normal use of the switch, then the requirements of clauses 9, 15 and 20 shall be satisfied before and after such removal.

They are kept at this temperature for approximately 10 min. NOTE Care has to be taken that the contact resistance between the trp of the measuring probe and the metal part under test does not inFlusnce the test results. Particular requirements for temperature sensing controls Flat, quick-connect terminations Specification for Industrial rigid laminated sheets based on thermosetting resins for electrical purposes — Part 1: After the test, the specimens shall show no damage Impairing their further use or the safety of the electronic switch.

NOTE 2 7h9 values for creepage distances on rigid printed boards do not apply under tho provision that tlie requirements of clause 23 are fulfilled and that the overcurrent protection provides full disconnection. Protection of ow-voftage 61058–1 against faults betweeen high-voltage systems and earth lEC It shall still be possible to remove and to replace detachable ie other external parts such as cover plates without these parts or their insulating linings being broken.

For the purpose of deciding whether a particular irc of this standard is complied with, the final value, observed or calculated expressing the result of a test or analysis, shall be rounded off in accordance with IS 2: NOTE 2 Electronic switches without a mechanical switch in the supply circuit provide only electronic disconnection.

IEC 61058-1:2016

The incorporated fuse, if any, recomnended by the manufacturer, is inserted into the switch which is loaded. Figure 9a – Circuit for capacitlvc load test and simulated tungsten filament lamp load test for a.


A switch which relies on mounting in. When the switch has a rated number of operating cycles below 10or when the clamping means of the screwless terminal forms part of the conductive path through the switch, compliance is checked by the following thermal endurance test.

NOTE 1 The prospective current is a current that would rlow in the circuit if the switcti, the limitation device and the load impedance are replaced by links of negligible impedance without any other ctiange in the circuit, NOTE 2 The prospective Pt value is a value that would be let through by the iimitatron device if the switch and the load impedance are replaced by linlts of negligible impedance. Please first verify your email before subscribing to alerts.

For the test of electrical contacts, the delay time shall be SO ms to ms. This standard is also available to be included in Standards Subscriptions. Classes B and F. The temperature rise of copper vnndings is calculated from the formula: Table Minimum creepage distances for basic insulation.

The impulse withstand voltage test is carried out with a voltage having a 1. Your basket is empty. NOTE Compliance with the EEC standard for the relevant component does not necessarily ensure compliance with the requirements of this standard. These switches are intended to be operated by a person, via an 61085-1 member or by actuating a sensing unit.

Table 21 -Torque values for screwed glands. No part of these publications may be reproduced in any form without the ifc permission in writing of BIS. If an abnormal condition simulated during the test influences other abnormal conditions, all these abnormal conditions are applied simultaneously.