these extensions are described in section 4. · RFC A Message Summary and Message Waiting Indication Event Package . Find the most up-to-date version of IETF – RFC at Engineering Find the most up-to-date version of RFC at Engineering

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Other iietf requirements are: This way, the registrar is able to discover and record the sequence of proxies that must be transited to get back to the user agent. Retrieved December 5, Justification for the specific reference: Several SIP extensions have been added to the basic protocol specification in order to extend its functionality.

SIP extensions for the IP Multimedia Subsystem

In the IMS framework, it is required that once the callee 32655 alerted, the chances of a session failure are minimum. To achieve this goal, SIP messages can be compressed using the mechanism known as SigComp [33] signaling compression. In the IMS framework it is fundamental to handle user identities for authentication, authorization and accounting purposes. In the IMS it is possible for a user to have multiple terminals e.

CounterPath Corporation is a leading provider of innovative desktop and mobile VoIP software products and solutions. The functionality of sending instant messages to provide a service similar to text messaging is defined in the instant messaging extension.

Feedback Contact Us Accessibility. Retrieved 3 December These extensions also allow users to request privacy so that their identities are not spread outside the trust domain. Retrieved December 1, Retrieved November 15, By using the user agent capabilities extension, [9] user agents terminals can ietr themselves when they register so that others can search for them according to their caller preferences extension headers.

Any explicit references uetf that referenced document should also be listed: The degree of stability or maturity of the document: Moreover, event notification can be used to provide additional services such as voicemail i.

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In the basic SIP specification, [15] only requests and final responses i. Therefore, NAT traversal mechanisms are needed for both the signaling rcc and the media plane. Once this response has been sent, the called party has selected the codec too, and starts resource reservation on its side.


When used in request-URIs, it indicates that the request is to be compressed, while in Via header fields it signals that the 32655 response is to be compressed.

This mechanism is necessary since Dfc can run not only over reliable transport protocols TCP that assure that the message is delivered, but also over unreliable ones UDP that offer no delivery guarantees, and it is even possible that both kinds of protocols are present in different parts of the transport network.

SIP and Open Standards

Moreover, the SIP INFO method extension is designed to carry user information between terminals without affecting the signaling dialog and can be used istf transport the dual-tone multi-frequency signaling to provide telephone keypad function for users. The REFER message also implies an event subscription to the result of the operation, so that the sender will know whether or not the recipient could contact the third person. In idtf IMS every user agent is served by its P-CSCF, which is discovered by using the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol or an equivalent mechanism when the user enters the IMS network, and all requests and responses from or to the user agent must traverse this proxy.

It is then, when all the resources for the call are in place, when the caller is alerted. These include an efficient use of the radio interface by minimizing the exchange of signaling messages between the mobile terminal and the network, a minimum session setup time by performing tasks prior to session establishment instead of during session establishment, a minimum support required in the terminal, the support for roaming and non-roaming scenarios with terminal mobility management supported by the access network, not SIPand support for IPv6 addressing.

Relationship with other existing or emerging documents: Moreover, there is also a mechanism for conditional event notification that allows the notifier to decide whether or not to send the complete NOTIFY message depending on if there is something new to notify since last subscription or there is not. In the IMS, the initial session parameter negotiation can be done by using the provisional responses and session description updating extensions, along with SDP in the body of the messages.

IP multimedia concepts and services 2 ed. There are several mechanisms to achieve this, such as:. However, as many dfc are repeated in different messages, the extended operations for SigComp [34] define a way to use a shared dictionary among subsequent messages.


CounterPath Involvement in IETF for SIP Open Standards | CounterPath

Combining voice iietf video calls in a user-friendly interface, CounterPath’s X-Lite helps you seamlessly transition from a traditional phone environment into the world of Voice over IP.

Retrieved 5 December Products Overview Unified, modular and truly unlimited. This functionality is supported by the new MESSAGE method, that can be used to send an instant message to the resource stated in the request-URI, with the content carried in the message body.

Other useful information describing the “Quality” of the document: RFCs,,,dfc,Errata Exist. Each kind of event a subscriber can subscribe to is defined in a new event package. To obtain transmission resources, the user agent must present an authorization token to the network i.

To indicate so, they must insert the privacy token id into the Privacy header field. Likewise, if the server does not support any of the client’s required extensions, it will send an error response with a 32655 of its unsupported extensions. Other for any supplementary information:. In this case, Uniform Resource Names are used ief identify a service e.

To solve this problem, the concept of preconditions [18] was introduced. The private extensions for media authorization [29] link session signaling to the QoS mechanisms applied to rff in the network, by defining the mechanisms for obtaining authorization tokens and the P-Media-Authorization header field to carry these tokens from the P-CSCF to the user agent.

The private extensions for asserted identity within trusted networks [23] are designed to enable a network of trusted SIP servers to assert the identity of authenticated users, only within an administrative domain with previously agreed policies for generation, transport and usage of this identification information.

However, in such an scenario as the IMS framework, it is necessary to extend 33265 reliability to provisional responses to INVITE requests for session establishment, this is, to start a call. Other for any supplementary information: Visit Store Sales Request. The degree of stability or maturity of the document:.