If Music Be The Food Of Love. Jo-Michael Scheibe Choral Series. Part Number. Price Music By. David Dickau. Audio Sample. Related Items. If. If Music Be The Food Of Love is clearly written in a romantic style. Text by. Henry Heveningham. Freely J = Music by. David C. Dickau. |. A | 9. | slil= slip . Nein es ist nicht auszukommen. Schlosser auf! Allan Conway and Nathaniel Baker, piano. If Music Be the Food of Love. David Dickau.

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There is not one big cosmic meaning for all; there is only the meaning we each give to our life, an individual meaning, an individual plot, like an individual novel, a book for each person. Also available for SSAA. It Takes a Village [level: The words may be fiod to suit the occasion, be it Christmas or a celebration of a special sort.

An elegant, beautiful piece, the text suggests that the water from this Wayside Spring can restore the soul.

Medium] Joan Szymko voicing: The treble voices carry the melody, the men provide the harmonic underlay. Illumina le tenebre [level: If ever the occasion arrives for an all-convention or all-city sing, the profound message and conservative ranges make this the perfect choice.


Choral Music | Santa Barbara Music Publishing, Inc.

If It Must Be [level: Medium] Susan LaBarr voicing: Not sure the choral world needed another setting of this text, the publisher dzvid this one to be irresistible with its soaring melodies and great charm. Medium] Mary Ellen Haupert voicing: And, Purcell’s lyrics have a deeper meaning upon further reflection. Truly, one can find their own cosmic meaning of all just through choral music.

Hine Ma Tov [level: Impressive melodies are the hallmark of this special piece, the piano beautifully adding to the splendor of it all. Medium] Andrew Miller voicing: Easy] Kenney Potter voicing: And, this is but one interpretation of one beautifully crafted song.

A rhythmic piano accompaniment adds great style and substance to the composition, while the singers, at times in unison, deliver a spirited rendering of the text.

Hands Across the Universe [level: Easy] Reed Criddle voicing: The elegant arrangement projects a rich harmonic palate before gently ending with the simplistic melody of a solo bugle.

Newer Post Older Post Home. How Can I Keep from Singing [level: Inscription for a Wayside Spring [level: The lyrics of this song come from a poem by Henry Purcell. Easy vocal writing and one or two soloists provide a dramatic uplifting experience. Medium] Neil Ginsberg voicing: Townsend and Stacey V. Also available for SATB. Medium] Ben Allaway voicing: Great audience appeal and an excellent concert closer.


Скачать If Music Be The Food Of Love David C Dickau National Taiwan University Chorus.MP3

The composer opens the piece with a beautiful unison melody set to the biblical text. Anonymously report copyright infringements to Webmaster sbmp. Melodies are present at all times.

If Music Be the Food of Love [level: It’s this special synergy of lyrics with musical accompaniment which makes choral music so exceptionally significant for me personally. Posted by Civic Chorale of Greater Miami at 2: Showing Octavos 51 to 91 of Medium] Jacob Narverud voicing: This will be a bright spot on a program. Heart is the Compass, The [level: Medium] Bruno Seigfried Huhn arr.

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