I was looking in MagickCore::CompositeOperator but i didn’t find flatten operator. Something like backgorund i found, but how to do gray50?. That’s what “-flatten” does. It takes a sequence of images, composes them one at a time against the previous image(s), taking transparency into account. As nick said, the function Imagick::flattenImages() is deprecated. Replacing it by Imagick::mergeImageLayers(Imagick::LAYERMETHOD_FLATTEN) partially.

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If value is missing for a definition, an empty-valued definition of a flag will be created with that name.

Simply using setFormat will create a valid. Some image colors could be approximated, therefore your image may look very different than intended.

If placement with ” -gravity ” is need look at either the above multi-image composition methods, or the special Layers Composition method that can handle both positioning methods simultaneously.

Note that only a small number of image formats e. Painting with black produces no change.

Layering Images Introduction As we have previously noted, ImageMagick does not deal with just one image, but a sequence or list of images.

Gamma less than 1. Finally, polyline and polygon require three or more coordinates to define its boundaries. Suppose that while you are displaying an image the file that is currently displayed is over-written.

A number of algorithms search for a target color. It must have the same dimensions as the image being masked. The flattened image is blurry. When writing a JNG image with transparency, two quality values are required, one for the main image and one for the grayscale image that conveys the alpha channel.

Image resolution provides the unit of imagemafick to apply when rendering to an output device or raster image.


-flatten option use in ImageMagick – Stack Overflow

Email Required, but never shown. I can then export the. You can for example think of each image in the list as a single frame in time, so that the whole list can be regarded as being a Animation.

The —page option can be used to establish the dimensions of the mosaic and to locate the images within the mosaic. If this profile is not stripped from the image, then Photoshop will continue to treat the image using its former resolution, ignoring the image resolution specified in the standard file header.


Finally reset changes the matte value of all pixels. Use of lossless JPEG is generally not recommended. However the virtual canvas information seems to be left in a funny state with the canvas sizes being added together and the offset set to some undefined value.

Imagemagkck and postings pertaining to the usage of ImageMagick regardless of the interface.


The degree of lightening or darkening is proportional to the difference between the source color and 0. Use an offset to start the image hiding some number of pixels from the beginning of the image.

While it is convenient to describe the operators in terms of “shapes” they are by no means limited to mask-style operations since they are based on continuous floating-point mathematics rather than simple boolean operations. The quality is reported to be so so with this approach. Note this offset and the image size.

It takes a sequence of images, composes them one at a time against the previous image staking transparency into account, resulting in a single opaque composite image. The rightmost tiles and the bottom tiles are smaller if the specified geometry extends beyond the dimensions of the input image.

Similarly, using —type TrueColorMatte will force the encoder to write an alpha channel even though the image is opaque, if the output format supports transparency. A label is not drawn on the image, but is embedded in the image datastream via a Label tag or similar mechanism.


The default is 1. However, the default depth is inappropriate for some images. Otherwise, it will be scaled to the given dimensions. That is it will ‘fill out’ the canvas of the image with transparent pixels.

Images with transparency ex: Fllatten to —visual for more details. Large adjustments to image gamma may result in the loss of some image information if the pixel quantum size is only eight bits quantum range 0 to That will enclose your address with Img tags so that your image will be displayed here in your message, linked from your own server. The Disposal Method indicates the way in which the graphic is to be treated after being displayed. When used with the identify utility, use this option to print information about the image in a format of your choosing.

There was a post here some time ago, that the first layer in the psd is the final composited image. By default, objects are antialiased when drawn e. As mentioned earlier then the problem seems to appear when the PDF page contains imagemabick lot of transparent objects.

The description of the composition operators use this concept of image “shape” in order to make the description of the operators easier to understand. Append an exclamation point to the geometry to force the image size to exactly the size you specify.