Read Common Sense Media’s Incarceron review, age rating, and parents guide. Catherine Fisher has crafted a masterpiece for young people in which. Title: Incarceron. Author: Catherine Fisher. Genre: Dystopia, Speculative Fiction, Young Adult. Publisher: Dial (US) / Hodder Children’s Books. Fisher (the Oracle Prophesies series) scores a resounding success in this beautifully imagined science fantasy set in a far future where, many.

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She should have at least narrowed it down.

Overall a good original plot but a weak description. He clenched his hands as the sheer incarcerron and impetus of the trucks came home to him, the smell of sweat from the massed ranks of men pushing them, the rattle and slither of piled goods. It whined in his bones and teeth.

I love it when Incarceroh pick up a book and just know it’s going to be a good one. There are problems with the story telling itself also. They’re kind of average and there Incarrceron no romance. Sebagai contoh, Incarceron bisa mengubah keadaan tubuhnya sendiri dengan menciptakan fenomena alam seperti gempa dan badai, yang bergerak sesuai kehendaknya. But it also holds political dissenters and volunteers.

Akibatnya bermunculanlah makhluk-makhluk campuran seperti domba berkaki sirkuit plastik, pohon-pohon berdaun logam, dan manusia-manusia yang badannya ditambal mesin. Catherine Fisher is an acclaimed novelist and poet, and has written many fantasy books for young people. I thought at first that all the “big surprises” were painfully easy to grasp in the first 70 pages but I was wrong.

: Incarceron (): Catherine Fisher: Books

I continued to listen, hoping that I would gain that clarity I was seeking. View all 14 comments. The wheels were man-high. It is starting to feel like a trend … YA trilogies incarceroon in dystopic worlds and starring the kids from Twilight. Most prisoners have never seen the Outside and can only imagine what the stars and sky might be like. Finn is also protected by a young girl, Attia, who will do anything for fisyer because he saved her life.


Apa yang bisa bikin manusia–atau setidaknya warga kerajaan Endor–mau mengambil pilihan itu? The main characters survive not only by courage and and determination, but also by some acts of compassion, trust, and commitment.

Please try again later. Common Sense Media’s unbiased ratings are created by expert reviewers and aren’t fizher by the product’s creators or by any of our funders, affiliates, or partners. Get up and explore while humming a cheerful tune, no.

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Our favorite toys for everyone on your ifsher Top Kid Picks. Incarceron is a prison so vast that it contains not only cells and corridors, but metal forests, dilapidated uncarceron, and wilderness. It was no use yelling yet.

Then you have the Incarceron world which is basically a giant prison where people from the “real” world sent their thieves, poor people and miscreants. I thought it was original, specially the way that it’s supposed to be in the future with all this technology, but at the same time they are stuck in the past.

I think I’d probably be at least a little creeped out, if not terrified. While I didn’t “pick this one up” in a literal sense, when I found it on Amazon, I just knew I was going to love it. The air was acrid and smelt of oil. Although he has no memory of his childhood, he is sure he came from Outside. I wanted to love it, but it failed me. I found it difficult to enjoy Incarceron at first. Feb 08, Pages Young Adult Buy. I’m a fantasy fan so, while the reality in this book requires some heavy duty suspension of belief, that’s not in itself an insurmountable problem.


I felt that the ideas didn’t come together coherently. Kenapa pula harus era Victorian? Dia pengen keluar karena terobsesi sama Legenda Sapphique, yang bercerita tentang satu-satunya orang yang pernah keluar dari Incarceron. I think one or two have made it big, and everyone else is jumping on the bandwagon.

Tapi beberapa dari mereka berusaha untuk meninggalkan Incarceron. It took me a little bit to figure out what the heck was going on. I didn’t have trouble following the plot, mainly because it was so simple, but I did have problems following the minor, irrelevant plotlines, probably because I didn’t care.

No, Australia is great. He would have to time it exactly. Feb 09, Seth T. But will probably go see the movie thanks to that piece of casting you mentioned. Action is on almost every page, and if not action, there’s serious character interaction going on. So very, VERY claustrophobic. Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: His motivations didn’t speak to me at all. Sad to say but the idea was just dumb. Attilia, the slave girl with a crush on Finn.

Stay up to date on new reviews. Soalnya penjelasan yang dipakai adalah teknologi, bukan sihir. View all 13 comments.

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