Read about Indological Approach of Study of Modernization of Indian Tradition. Guide to Sociology Students. G. S. Ghurye and the Politics of Sociological Knowledge Naicker .. significance to a grand Indological conception of sacred, and indeed sacerdotal, values. scholars are like B.K. Sarkar, G.S. Ghurye, R.K. Mukherjee, K.M. Kapadia, Irawati Ghurye’s Indological Approach hovers around the study of Indian Culture.

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Dumont and Pocock Restriction on food, drinks and social intercourse: Hierarchy determines caste norms. Most ghurje these studies are based on textual materials either drawn from epics, legends, myths, or from inddology folk traditions and other symbolic forms of culture.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. It is both as independent discipline in itself and a particular approach in Indian sociology. State and Non State steps to abolish discrimination. Basically interested in inductive empirical exercises and depicting Indian social reality using any source material —primarily Indological — his theoretical position bordered on laissez-faire. His writings have enormous diversity of themes and perspectives.

Views on Village Village are centre of Indian social life, but rejected self sufficiency view of western scholars His understanding of village was based on caste system. Period of Dharmasastras- summed up in manner at the outset and in the Vishnu purana at the end. His work diversified from class, race to include other social dimensions like. Course Overview Sociology Mains Paper 2. A casteless society or a plural society?

He was married to Sajubai of Vengurla, a town near Malwan. During colonial times, the growth of metropolitan centres altered the Indian life. Same occupation different localized names Gujjar in Rajasthan, Yadav in UP and Gauda in Odisha all tend to cattle Caste concept has undergone dilution and diffusion over time.

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In the application of theories to empirical exercises or in the use of methodologies for data collection he was not dogmatic.

Available data in each of these fields are to be augmented by a great deal of honest and competent field work. Indian value system preaches knowledge is supreme not material Money cannot give happiness, so modernity is not accepted due to common cultural values. Restriction on feeding and social intercourse are still prevalent in Indian society. When one looks into his personal life; Ghurye was born of Sarawat Brahmin community and according to his autobiography, his parents ibdology him to be an incarnation indoloy his grandfather who had lost his life in Kashi, in the holy Ganges in flood which as a philgrimage he was named after his indologt Govind.

DOL was based on convenience and need, started with family was genesis of caste system. To develop Indological perspective he studied Vedas, Shastras and poetry of Kalidas plus similar traditional texts – thus a classical sociologist.

Indological Approach of G.S.Ghurye

Agrarian social structure continued. He draws parallel between caste and tribe and calls tribals as backward. Caste gave self sufficiency as occupation were reciprocating and complementary rather than for gaining wealth.

Post Vedic period- dominated by the laws of indolovy Aryan, the great epics, Buddhist writings. Caste System perspective by M N Srinivas.

Indological or Textual Perspective of Sociology – Explained

Indology by G S Ghurye. Hence, it is a subject of sociological interest. When we see Ghurye as the indlogy as the study of Indian society he actually comprises the Indological approaches which mostly concepts, theories and frameworks of Indian civilization which is unique to Gyurye society.


Unlike his contemporaries he doesn’t glorify or condemn caste, rather he considers caste as a product of Indian culture, changing with the passage of time. A Rao, Iravati Karve, M. Segmental division of the society: Indological persepective claims to understand Indian society through the concepts,theories and frameworks that are closely related with indian civilisation.

Therefore Brahmin are given this responsibility. Newer Post Older Post Home. Agrarian Social Structure 2. They have tremendously enriched the field of Indian sociology. They both are different from eachother as sociological persepective deals with societal sphere and indological persepective deals with only indian society its problems and civilisation. Order are aspects like caste, religion village, tribe and urbanisation.

Indology is also older than Sociology. The present edition is an expanded version with five new chapters. The Indian society can be understood of two different dimensions; one is Indological approach and other indologt sociological which Ghurye made use of his study and works in contribution to Indian society through these approaches.

Biography and Contribution to Sociology. Caste driven by pervasive values. Caste System – Perspectives by Ghurye. His role in promoting and directing the course of research in diverse fields of Indian society.