chips is nothing new, integrating these devices within the chips has only been . and B. Eggleton, “Integrated optofluidics: A new river of light,”. C. Monat, P. Domachuk and B. J. Eggleton, “Integrated Optofluidics A New River of Light,” Nature Photonics, Vol. 1, No. 2, , pp. Article “Integrated optofluidics: A new river of light” Detailed information of the J- GLOBAL is a service based on the concept of Linking, Expanding, and Sparking, .

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They rely on the selective Liquid-dye microlasers can be tuned by manipulating the coupling between a dielectric waveguide and a leaky metal-coated cavity conditions using, for instance, elastomer to construct the waveguide. Integrated 10 optics can be successfully combined with all these schemes2,47, bringing the unique advantages associated to its planar format.

Sensor based on an integrated Microfluidic sensor based on integrated photodiode and organic light-emitting diode. Massively parallel manipulation of single cells and nanostructure.

Those species that are otherwise difficult to handle can be brought Photonics has evolved towards device miniaturization with the into targeted locations of a microphotonic circuit.

Integrated optofluidics: A new river of light | Peter Domachuk –

Three-dimensional microfluidic operating at near-infrared wavelengths. As a first step, a photonic-crystal waveguide transmission was have realized more sophisticated tunable integrqted microfilters Nanofluidic tuning of photonic crystal circuits.


Recent developments in detection for microfluidic A similar trend is obtained for couplers that exploit spectrum.

Optofluidics fundamentally aims at manipulating fluids and light Applications have been found in clinical analysis, drug discovery at the microscale and exploiting integrqted interaction to create highly and small-volume DNA replication and testing13, Adapted with permission from ref.

The surface tension at the phase boundary valves20, microchannels, micropumps24, microfluidic mixers25 and of a fluid dominates over the viscous forces inside the fluid. We overview some of the exciting developments so far.

Microfluidic tunable dye laser with Current investigation into optofluidic integration is still in a very integrated mixer and ring resonator. Express 14, — crystal nanolasers for chemical sensing.

Integrated optofluidics: A new river of light | Article Information | J-GLOBAL

Tunable liquid-filled microlens array integrated with microfluidic network. Microfluidics also ultimate goal of integrating many optical components onto integrared compact offers a wealth of ways to control microphotonic devices.

Further opportunities were portability of these systems1,2. The microring-based lasers have a switchable achieved with equally good performance43, Microstructured optical sensitivity using planar integrated optics on a chip. Waveguides, resonators and their planar optical waveguides.

J-GLOBAL – Japan Science and Technology Agency

Integrated optics ring resonator sensors for protein detection. In particular, it has proved useful for directly exciting48 or collecting49 0 or both50,51 particle fluorescence, improving integraetd limit of detection 0 10 20 30 40 and reducing the probed volumes Indeed, microresonator device to detect subtle differences in the water absorption Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Capillarity ljght play a major role on the Various microfluidic components, such as micromechanical micrometre scale.


Two- integrated optical devices and realize adaptive optical functions4,5. Reproduced with permission from The range of index modulation provided by microfluid manipulation ref.

Optical trapping near a photonic crystal. A coupled cavity micro- photonic devices with a very broad range of operations. In the context of circuit lacks at the micrometre scale: The distributed-feedback microlasers display an external gas pressure source to ensure a microfluidic continuous narrowband laser operation by exploiting antiguiding effects and are flow; and 2 free-space external pumping intgrated.

Second, we demonstrate how the high sensitivity of integrated giver the refractive index, n. Application of optical trapping to beam manipulation in optofluidics. They can efficiently interact with Ultra-high-Q toroid microcavity on