Intelity created the world’s first interactive hotel guest service technology via guestroom touch screens and a “back end” ticket/request/content management tool. Read ICE by Intelity reviews about their top rated Staff Task Management & Collaboration for hotels. The RDP property management system interfaces with Intelity’s ICE (Interactive Customer Experience) program. ICE allows guests to enter requests such as.

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Keep Your Guests Delighted. The Mobile Dining section of the ICE module was created for an out-of-room intelkty dining experience where the perfect post-swim craving is never more than a finger swipe away.

Hub of the Intelity Platform. Use intekity analytics to send more targeted messages and marketing to your guests by category, including rate code and location.

Guest Engagement Under One Platform

Through innovation and listening to guests, the company devised a way to make communication easy and efficient, which results in more effective service.

When it comes to guest dining, there are now unlimited possibilities with Intelity. View the technology that we pair with our platform.

An investment in the Intelity Platform is an investment in your company.


Track every order with robust metrics available to your staff, allowing them to easily modify and update the application in real-time, as well as, add lead times to each item.

What Have Other Hoteliers Seen?

ICE is the foundation of the Intelity platform. Increase in room service average checks from upselling through in-room dining menu.

Luxury Hospitality, Made Smarter. Guests have the ability to browse through the Mobile Ie menu then choose what drink or food item they would like to have delivered to their location.

ICE HUB Control Panel | Request Manager | In Room Dining | Mobile Dining

See what features your guests like automated and build business intelligence to help tailor your offerings. Guests have the ability to select modifiers and add additional notes. Guests can choose to either place an in room dining request or make reservations to eat in the hotel restaurant.

Every single request placed through our interface is viewable to you with detailed information, allowing intslity to assign your resources as necessary and increase efficiency on a property-wide basis.

In-Room Dining Track every order with robust metrics available to your staff, allowing them to easily modify and update the application in real-time, as well as, add lead times to each item. And more inte,ity service enables hotels to create more memorable guest experiences. Exclusive Features Go deep in your hotel business with best in class tools. Each request can be assigned to the appropriate departments or members of staff in order to maintain a higher level of organization and accountability that can completely change the quality of your guest services.


The Intelity Platform | The Solution to All Hotel Needs

With a desktop interface or a downloadable iPhone app, Request Manager allows you to view requests, their statuses, and make real-time updates to tickets. The In-Room Dining feature makes it simple inrelity convenient for guests to use tablets or a branded mobile app inyelity review signature dishes.

Each piece of the Intelity Guest Service Platform is beneficial to your hotel. Receive invaluable metrics and data that can assist your management and staff in not only monitoring guest activity on our platform but also strengthen your guest service policies.