Find great deals for Intermatic CA InTouch Wireless Multi-volt vac Contactor Module. Shop with confidence on eBay!. How to wire Intermatic CA 30 amp Z-wave remote contactor. 10 year warranty through 30 amp x 80% = 24 amp safe maximum 25 amp motor. Intermatic CA 2 channel z-wave contactor volt zwave contactor 40 amp 2 channel operation means contactor can be set for SPST so both.

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Two loads, each same voltage Same wiring applies to volt. Depending on the 3-phase service voltage: When outdoor or vacation home water heater is off, the water can freeze. All household wiring is single phase, meaning two wires are needed to complete any electric circuit. For example zwave can be bits per second. Each Z-wave product is tested to ensure it will ihtermatic with all Z-wave-compatible controllers and devices.


How to wire Intermatic CA

Will your product become obsolete? Unknown if CA works with this power source.

Receiver closes circuit on contactor. Programmable timers Woods timers. Larger image Connect stranded and solid with wire nut and run jumper to screw plate. How much does it cost to run water heater.

Intermatic CA3750 InTouch Wireless Multi-volt 120-277vac Contactor Module

See wire size and loading charts See motor HP chart. Run jumper wire between terminals 1 and 3.

Read more below about installing safety cut off. Controllers can be a hand-held controller portable controlleror wall-mount controller static controlleror SmartThings Hub static controller etc. See more Intermatic enclosures Pool control centers. Z-wave signal travels outward degrees in all directions like a rock making ripples in a pond.

The foot range too limited. Response might be more rapid. Retrieved from ” http: Change water heater temperature using 2xSPST.

How to wire CA z-wave contactor + Zwave basics

Why you need ground wire. Intermatic CA at Amazon Resources: Z-wave is designed for home-use products. See new water heating ideas Locate fused cut-off or no-fusable cut-off next to ZW or short reach away. This is why battery-operated z-wave must sleep except when prompted by push of button, or prompted by parameters set during device configuration.


Inductive loads such as motors, blowers can interfere with Z-wave.

Each relay is on-off switch. Match color code and amp rating for wire. The GE contactor does not use batteries, and is hardwired and fully intermatix at all times.

Intermatic CA3750 InTouch Wireless Multi-Volt 120-277VAC Contactor Module

Up to watt residential non-simultaneous each water heater can be controlled by 30 amp breaker and 30 ca37550 CA Typical residential water heater is watt non-simultaneous Same wiring shows below. Single-phase circuits can be turned on-off by switching off 1 wire or 2 wires.

Required ; ECO-protected thermostat installed in place of lower thermostat Required: