Method. The case presented with intraoral submucosal hemangioma of the cheek was treated by intralesional injection of aethoxysklerol 3% diluted in water for. An otherwise healthy year-old female patient had painless swelling in her left buccal mucosa. No precipitating factors were identified. Pathological analysis. Althought hemangioma is considered one of the most common soft tissue tumors of the head and neck [2], it is relatively rare in the oral cavity.

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They are usually deep red and may blanch on the application of pressure and if large in size, might interfere with mastication [ 9 ]. Abstract Vascular anomalies comprise a widely heterogeneous group of tumours and malformations. Although it was believed that magnetic resonance imaging could give more precise and accurate information for the diagnosis and management of the lesion, the patient refused any further imaging study.

Management of haemangioma with sclerosing agent: The differential diagnosis of hemangiomas includes pyogenic granuloma, chronic inflammatory gingival hyperplasia epulisepulis granulomatosa, varicocell, talengectasia, and even with squamous cell carcinoma. Failure of the flashlamp-pumped pulsed dye laser to prevent progression to deep hemangioma.

Surgical treatment hemangimoa haemangioma in infants.


National Center for Biotechnology Information yemangioma, U. Periodontal examination revealed no clinical attachment loss. Oral hemangiomas are usually seen on the gingiva and less frequently at other sites where it occurs as a capillary or cavernous type, more commonly the former [ 6 ].

She did not give any relevant past dental history. Please review our privacy policy.

Treatment of oral hemangiomas with local sclerosing agents. After clinical and radiological diagnosis, the patient was planned under conscious sedation.

The treatment of capillary hemangiomas varies considerably depending on the clinical features and the anatomic considerations.

Case Reports in Medicine

She and her parents stated that, in March and Juneshe had a lesion operated and diagnosed as congenital hemangioma on the right of her hemabgioma. The patient was educated regarding good oral hygiene maintenance practices. Mucocele of buccal mucosa is a superficial lesion and, in the present case, the lump was deep in origin.

Different types of embolization before surgical excision of haemangiomas of the face. Friedrich RE, Bleckmann V. Oral and Maxillofacial Intraorzl. In the present case, the mass was mobile, non-tender, and rubbery in consistency, but non-slippery.

Sclerotherapy of Intraoral Superficial Hemangioma

Our differential diagnosis was broken down into the general categories of reactive lesions, benign hemamgioma lesions, and infectious origin. Intraorql addition, the periodontal surgical management of hemangiomas should be performed with caution because the tissues may bleed profusely intraoperatively and postoperatively.


Consent Written informed consent was obtained from the patient hemangioka publication of this case report and accompanying images. Capillary hemangioma are composed of small thin-walled vessels of capillary size that are lined by a single layer of flattened or plump endothelial cells and surrounded by a discontinuous layer of pericytes and reticular fibres [ 6 ].

Authors’ contributions AD conceived the idea of the report and wrote the manuscript. Nil Conflict of Interest: No surface ulceration or secondary infection was noted. Support Center Support Center. Other findings included a mild supragingival calculus around her teeth, absence of carious lesions and tooth malpositioning.

Capillary hemangioma as a rare benign tumor of the oral cavity: a case report

Please review our privacy policy. Sclerotherapy of intraoral hemangioma. No other similar lesions were clinically visible in the head and neck region. Before surgical treatment of the tumor, a thorough scaling and root planning were done hemanyioma to remove any local irritating factors that may have been responsible for the gingival inflammation. A study of small superficial capillary hemangiomas on the lips in children.