Inventing the AIDS Virus By Peter H. Duesberg (review). Peter D. Friedmann. Perspectives in Biology and Medicine, Volume 40, Number 3, Spring , pp. So argues Dr. Peter Duesberg, one of the world’s leading microbiologists, a pioneer in the discovery of the HIV family of viruses, and a member of the National. Inventing the AIDS Virus has 93 ratings and 12 reviews. Seth said: This amazing book makes a good case that HIV is NOT the cause of AIDS. Duesberg is not.

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Inventing the AIDS Virus – Wikipedia

A book review from the London Daily Telegraph. Regnery Publishing, Pp. Without cookies your experience may not be seamless. A chapter from the book. In a h.duesbdrg preface to Inventing the AIDS VirusRegnery described the dispute in terms of Ellison becoming “disenchanted with Duesberg’s and his publisher’s insistence on careful documentation.

Inventing the AIDS Virus

Project MUSE Mission Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide. I’m hoping it’s before he passes, because this murderous streak has to come to an end. AIDS denialist h.dufsberg from a crook who should be in jail. Although Professor Duesberg views himself as a modern-day Galileo, excommunicated from the church of big science for his unorthodoxviews, his use ofconspiracy-laden innuendo, selective truths, and high-handed language certainly have not helped his status.

Print Hardcover and Paperback. Essays on the Gay Health Crisiscredited Duesberg with cogently explaining the logic of Koch’s first postulate and providing a clear explanation of how AZT functions as a “non-selective terminator of DNA synthesis. He faulted Duesberg for saying little about the fact that high percentages of HIV positive people aidx a decline in T-cells and develop the opportunistic infections associated with immune dysfunction whereas HIV negative people “simply do not”, and for misrepresenting the medical community as having moved toward his position on AZT.

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Moore also argued that Duesberg was mistaken to believe that there is jnventing “paradox in the fact that HIV can be grown in permanently infected, immortal T-cell lines in vitroyet is supposed to cause AIDS by killing T cells in vivo. ;eter

Duesberg seems to overlook the difference between immunosuppression and its manifesting diseases, some ofwhich have been classified Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Robin Harris rated it liked it Jul 07, Not more funding for more flawed research. She criticized him for maintaining that “there can be no such thing as an illness induced by a virus that has its overt onset years after initial infection” and “that no virus can cause more than a single disease, or any disease that appears after a neutralizing immune response develops”, writing that “decades of progress in understanding infectious diseases” showed otherwise.

Views Read Edit View history. She concluded that while AIDS research has a “chequered history and “some of the questions raised by Duesberg and his followers were valid”, Duesberg and Hodgkinson’s arguments were “circular” and “ignore diverse and robust evidence linking HIV with AIDS”.

H.duesebrg only the pro-AIDS establishment could be so truthful in their research outcomes. He also criticizes the gay press of the s and s for legitimizing AZT and related drugs in advertisements paid for by their manufacturers.

Dec 17, Seth rated it it was amazing. Built on the Johns Hopkins University Campus.


A book review from the Boston Herald. AIDS is not sexually transmitted Kevin rated it it was amazing Sep 20, Peter Duesberg is professor of molecular and cell biology at the University of California at Berkeley, a pioneer in retrovirus research, the first scientist to isolate a cancer gene, and recipient of the Outstanding Investigator Grant from the National Institutes of Health.

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Early announcement from Associate Press. Viris 17, tom rated it did not like it. And a book review from the Washington Times. He rejected Duesberg’s claims that “AZT causes AIDS thr that HIV is a mere passenger virus” and questioned Duesberg’s “understanding of modern virology”, writing that Duesberg mistakenly asserted that retroviruses do not kill cells, that it is difficult to extract HIV from an “antibody-positive person”, and that “HIV is dormant in vivo”.

Kellie Sapp rated it it was ok Oct 10, Ellison also charged Duesberg with “cooperat[ing] with some of the very hostile invebting to have me thrown out of school right before I could submit my thesis and get my Ph.

Go here for more Paperbackpages. The reply by Duesberg.

New York Native The New York Review of Books published a long review. Indeed, not one of his profiled fellow dissenters Chapter 7 is a trained aiids. I thought it was sort of awesome at the time Neilands supported Duesberg’s views, while the epidemiologist Warren Winkelstein criticized them.