Layout designs (topographies) of integrated circuits are a field in the protection of intellectual The IPIC Treaty is currently not in force, but was partially integrated into the TRIPS agreement. Article 35 of TRIPS in Relation to the IPIC Treaty. (the “IPIC Treaty” or “Washington Treaty”). The specific Articles of these instruments referred to in the TRIPS Agreement are reproduced in this. of Phonograms and Broadcasting Organizations (Rome Convention), and the Treaty on Intellectual Property in Respect of Integrated Circuits (IPIC Treaty).

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Retrieved from ” https: National Treatment Article 6: Circumstances arising independently of the will of the owner of the trademark, such as import restrictions or other government restrictions, shall be recognized as valid reasons of non-use.

Washington Treaty on Intellectual Property in Respect of Integrated Circuits

These include the obligation, as a general rule, to grant such licences only if an unsuccessful attempt has been made to acquire a voluntary licence on reasonable terms and conditions within a reasonable period of time; the requirement to pay adequate remuneration in the circumstances of each case, taking into account the economic value of the licence; and a requirement that decisions be subject to judicial or other independent review by a distinct higher authority.

The publisher of software for a cartridge-based video game console may seek simultaneous protection of its property under several legal constructs:.

Industrial designs Back to top. The Agreement provides for a mechanism whereby a country seeking to take action against such practices involving the companies of another Member country can enter into trwaty with that other Member and exchange publicly available non-confidential information of relevance to the matter in question and of other information available to that Member, subject to domestic law and to the conclusion ipiic mutually satisfactory agreements concerning the safeguarding of its confidentiality by the requesting Member paragraph 3.

Secondly, the TRIPS Agreement adds a substantial number of additional obligations on matters where the pre-existing conventions are silent or were seen as being inadequate. First, the provisions of that Article must be applied also to services.

Members are free to determine whether to allow the registration of signs that are not visually perceptible e. Equivalent legislation teaty in AustraliaIndia and Hong Kong.

Integrated circuit layout design protection

As in the main pre-existing intellectual property conventions, the basic obligation on each Member country is to accord the treatment in regard to the protection of intellectual property provided for under the Agreement to the persons of other Members. In case of the use of an identical sign for identical goods or services, a likelihood of confusion must be presumed Article Articles 1 through 21 of the Berne Convention and the Appendix thereto. Furthermore, reproduction for reverse engineering of a mask work is specifically permitted by the law.

Paragraphs 2 through 4 of that Article specifically allow shorter terms in certain cases. Certain limitations to these rights are provided for. The TRIPS Agreement, which came into effect on 1 Januaryis to date the most comprehensive multilateral agreement on intellectual property.


The provisions of the Berne Convention referred to deal with questions such as subject-matter to be protected, minimum term of protection, and rights to be conferred and permissible limitations to those rights.

The second main set of provisions deals with domestic procedures and remedies for the enforcement of intellectual property rights. However, it is limited by a so-called grand-fathering clause, according to which a Member, which on 15 Aprili. Under certain circumstances, continued use of a geographical indication for wines or spirits may be allowed on a scale and nature as before paragraph 4.

Article 3 The Subject Matter of the Treaty. Article 1 Establishment of a Union.

One is for inventions contrary to ordre public or morality; this explicitly includes inventions dangerous to human, animal or plant life or health or seriously prejudicial to the environment. Article treahy Becoming Party to the Treaty. Mask work rights have more in common with copyrights than with other tteaty rights such as patents or trademarks. The exceptions cannot be used to diminish the protection of geographical indications that existed prior to the entry into force of the TRIPS Agreement paragraph 3.

Furthermore, the protection of registered well-known marks must extend to goods or services which are not similar to those in respect of which the trademark has been registered, provided that its use would indicate a connection between those goods or services and the owner of the registered trademark, and the interests of the owner are likely to be damaged by such use Articles The exclusive rights that must be conferred by a product patent are the ones of making, using, offering for sale, selling, and importing for these purposes.

Related rights Back to top The provisions on protection of performers, producers of phonograms and broadcasting organizations are included in Article This right has the same scope as the rental right in respect of computer programs. Intellectual trexty law Integrated circuits. Establishment of a Union Article 2: Abandonware Anti-copyright Bioprospecting Cultural appropriation Limitations and exceptions to copyright Fair dealing Fair use Paraphrasing Right to quote Orphan works Patent troll Public domain Outline of intellectual property Outline of patents Higher category: Members may provide that such protection shall not extend to designs dictated essentially by technical or functional considerations.

The TRIPS Agreement contains certain provisions on well-known marks, which supplement the protection required by Article 6 bis of the Paris Convention, as incorporated by reference into the TRIPS Agreement, which obliges Members to refuse or to cancel the registration, and to prohibit the use of a mark conflicting with a mark which is well known.

Integrated circuit layout design protection – Wikipedia

However, certain acts may be freely performed for private purposes or for the sole purpose of evaluation, analysis, research or teaching. Trademarks Back to top The basic rule contained in Article 15 is that any sign, or any combination of signs, capable of distinguishing the goods and services of one undertaking from those of other undertakings, must be eligible for registration as a trademark, provided that it is visually perceptible.


The TRIPS Agreement is a minimum standards agreement, which allows Members to provide more extensive protection of intellectual property if they so wish. They shall also have the possibility of preventing the unauthorized broadcasting by wireless means and the communication to the public of their live performance.

The Agreement lays down certain general principles applicable to all IPR enforcement procedures. The registration of a trademark which uses a geographical indication in a way that misleads the public as to the true place of origin must be refused or invalidated ex officio if the legislation so permits or at the request of an interested party Article They shall be selected from a list of designated governmental experts established by the Assembly.

Layout-designs of integrated circuits Back to top. This article relies largely or entirely on a single source. With respect to cinematographic works, the exclusive rental right is subject to the so-called impairment test: The United States Code USC defines a mask work as “a series of related images, however fixed or encoded, having or representing the predetermined, three-dimensional pattern of metallic, insulating, or semiconductor material present or removed from the layers of a semiconductor chip product, and in which the relation of the images to one another is such that each image has the pattern of the surface of one form of the semiconductor chip product” [ 17 U.

TREATY/WASHINGTON/1: [Washington Treaty] Signatory States

The areas of intellectual property that it covers are: The Agreement requires service marks to be protected in the same way as marks distinguishing goods see e. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Agreement does not require undisclosed information to be treated as a form of property, but it does require that a person lawfully in control of such information must have the possibility of preventing it from being disclosed to, acquired by, or used by others without his or her consent in a manner contrary to honest commercial practices.


Control of anti-competitive practices in contractual licences Back to top. Protection against registration of a trademark must be provided accordingly. These objectives include the reduction of distortions and impediments to international trade, promotion of effective and adequate protection of intellectual property rights, and ensuring that measures and procedures to enforce intellectual property rights do not themselves become barriers to legitimate trade.

The exclusive rights in a mask work are somewhat like those of copyright: Thus it was agreed that the point of departure should be the existing level of protection under the latest Act, the Paris Act ofof that Convention.