IPMBA is the premier training organization for public safety cyclists. Since its founding in , IPMBA has trained tens of thousands of public. I would like to set up some internal training for our bike patrol unit. copy of the IPMBA basic riders cone course (dimensions for cones, layout. Perhaps the time is ripe to institutionalize bike patrol and bike patrol training for bikes, uniforms, related equipment, and, of course, IPMBA training. . and Layout Copyright © International Police Mountain Bike Association (IPMBA).

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He was an IPMBA member untilwhen he retired from the police department ckusre to medical reasons. The IPMBA Conference, which is recognized as the premier training event for public safety cyclists, drew participants from 37 states, Canada, and the Netherlands. Testing Day in the Instructor Course. At first it was a trickle, but it has become a flood.

Public safety cyclists must learn how to ride both technically and tactically. It is always difficult to select just a few recipients from the submitted entries, and this year was no different. Belgisch Kampioenschap Mountainbike Politiedienten 17 October Belgian police officer Brunclair Sven would like to invite all interested bike teams to lyout in the first Belgian Mountain Bike Championship.

Downtown is densely packed with brewpubs, wine bars, restaurants, billiards and dance clubs closely clustered within walking distance of the host hotel, the Doubletree Hotel Albuquerque www. Photo by Brian Copenheaver.


Thus, a and to incorporate lessons learned comprehensive approach requires the IPMBA and Active Shooter certified officers using coordination of many services, as well as from previous tragedies, the Simunition training equipment demonstrate a method department has purchased equipment the review of protocols, training and of quickly and safely clearing a stairwell.

Enforcement Expo, August, in Columbus, Ohio www. Dave Widing Contact Info: Dear Dave, I recently used one of the techniques that I learned in your class while I was assigned to vehicle patrol. Karen or Cindy Contact Info: I think my ability to lead this My challenge to back over the last 10 years and consider the organization.

IPMBA News Vol. 17 No. 3 Summer 2008

Talk about a blow to the ego! Bicycles and bike accessories. Tough Traveler sent us several bags to field test. For their time and their talents, we are truly grateful. Countless customs and traditions passed down over generations are a vibrant part of daily life in the city, and make Albuquerque an epicenter of authentic Southwestern culture.

This essential resource will guide public safety personnel and agencies seeking to put the wheels of a public safety bike unit in motion! Sometimes I crack myself up. Camilla Cutler Contact Info: Decals, Pins, Stickers, etc. Besides interesting workshops, there will a chance to ride the famous single-track bike trail in the dunes of Schoorl.

Jacquelyn Smith and Brenda Edington; and Cpls. The curriculum emphasizes preventive maintenance, general repairs, and overhaul of component groups. Things went off very well, to improve for some time in the future.


Security Cyclist Course Equipment List. I first started teaching at the conference inand have taught both pre-conference courses and conference workshops. For instance, the distance between a set Word version, which can be easily customized to meet your needs.

IPMBA News Vol. 17 No. 3 Summer

Bicycles, bicycle equipment, accessories, clothing, tools, and related items. Ashley Foster Contact Info: But after the Sept.

If the Indy team can be of any service please let us know. Bicycle Care Products Cost to Members: Stefan Downing Endura, Inc. The bike medics, Brian Bayani and Diane Judd, were the first advanced life support alyout on scene. The wrecker driver was able to provide central dispatch with a good description of the subject, and a BOL was broadcast for said subject.

Jeff Sims Contact Info: Bruce Burns Contact Info: Other departments are making similar decisions. All their products are manufactured with high-tech, breathable, and cousfe resistant fabrics and materials. In addition, participants will complete workshops covering skill development, firearms training, bike maintenance, bike unit administration and injury prevention. Everyone I spoke with seemed to enjoy the training and had a good time.