: Why did you decide to write the iptables reference? Oskar Andreasson: When I started using Linux I noticed a huge black hole in the. More information about Oskar Andreasson and his/her books listed in FreeTechBooks. Iptables Tutorial – Linux Firewall Configuration. Post date: 22 Aug. Oskar Andreasson [email protected] by Oskar Andreasson. Copyright © .. 1. txt.

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If there is any Swedish speaking people, I suggest them to check out http: Both are fairly large, and should be able to help you much much better than I can. How can your iptables reference help to avoid these problems? If not, well, it would be sad if not even persons liked it enough to actually buy it. As I said before, the more I write, the more I find that I want to write about. After that it took a year or so until I tried getting Linux to run again, and by that time it had evolved incredibly I could get it to install, isn’t that evolution?

What I hope that this tutorial do, is that it gives people new knowledge about the Linux firewalling possibilities, how they work, and a general knowledge of how to set it up properly. The tutorial was under andreaswon scrutiny and updating, as can be seen in the latest version of the tutorial. What can be done to prevent this? Do aandreasson believe the open source nature of Linux provides a superior vehicle to making security vulnerabilities easier to spot and fix?


After some months I had the first version of the tutorial published. What are your future plans andressson the iptables reference? This constitutes a small problem since I only have so many hours to write. What are some of the major pitfalls Linux Administrators fall into?

New version of iptables and ipsysctl tutorials

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Common Myths and Misconceptions Addressed. Open source gives everyone the chance to look at the source code, and it becomes easier to spot errors for a third party, and hence report to the producer.

Brazilian bank Inter pays fine over customer data leak. The second time around, “it” crashed my monitor OK, I had to blame something, didn’t I and I had to get another monitor out on the warranty. Please login or register. Anyway, my aims with this documentation is to get more people to understand the extremely advanced routing functionalities that really are part of Linux.


What do you feel is the most common Linux system vulnerability? It was quite small, only pages or so, and didn’t cover all the intricacies of iptables and the more I used iptables and tested it; the more things I found that needed documentation. I still think the tutorial is aimed at anderasson, but it contains more information today about the advanced functions of netfilter and iptables so it might be fairly well suited for the advanced users as well who might find some interesting iotables in the tutorial.


I hope that there will iotables at least a persons or so willing to buy the printed version for a reasonable price. For more information on this, visit the netfilter mailinglist page. Sure, there was the howtos written by Rusty Russell and the man page. I have currently written an online course about Linux and Unix for a company called Libendo. However, good security practices on a server iptablfs installing only the absolutely necessary packages.

In those days Amiga daysit was mainly viruses I found interest in.

New version of iptables and ipsysctl tutorials []

Yes, I think there is. If you need help, you are better off by asking the netfilter mailing list which you can reach at netfilter at lists. Later on I got an Internet connection and got more and more interested in network security and, to be honest, different kinds of exploits, DoS attacks and spoofing. I don’t think there is a single most common Linux system vulnerability, and it will definitely not stop a determined attacker. Only registered users can write comments.

After this I need to go through the explanation of the rc. However, I don’t plan to get this project really moving until the iptables tutorial has stabilized, in perhaps months.