Elevators: IRAM-INTI and IRAM product certification. General purpose: ABNT Wire rope slings: IRAM flemish eye product certification. For further. 11 Rol de INTI en Control de Fabricacion Cables Acero – Download as PDF File ( .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. – – – AUSTRIA. Romania – – – 4, – – – – – – zoo IRAM – – – – igio NDNSA- – – –

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SFC Synthetic fiber core. As a result of a wide experience and state of the art technology, IPH products and services are globally recognized for satisfying with an outstanding performance customers needs under the most demanding conditions.

For special applications or products not displayed in this catalog, please contact out Technical Sales Department. Quality controls are carried out throughout the whole iran, from raw material reception to final product. Lloyd s Register plant certification. Offshore containers lifting slings: IRAM flemish eye product certification.

For further information regarding certifications, please visit our website. Provides higher performance at low cost. For products not displayed in this catalog, please contact our Technical Sales Department at 4. Suitable for high demand drilling due to its higher breaking load and particularly low safety factors.

Increased contact surface on the sheaves. Increased compression and abrasion irxm in the drum. The IPH GPC rope family is made of compacted strands, which increase the rope breaking load and the contact surface on sheaves. This leads to a reduction in wear on both sheaves and the rope itself.

It also improves crush resistance, making these wire ropes ideal for intensive work applications in multi-layer drums. For products not displayed in this catalog, please contact our Technical Sales Department at 5. Minimum diameter loss idam tension. Increased contact surface on sheaves.

PAD5210033 – PAD9001346

Higher structural dynamic stability. Reduced internal friction due to its thermoplastic process. Better load distribution and maximum bending fatigue resistance. The IPH GPCL wire rope, with compacted strands and plastic cushion steel core, is a high-end alternative for deep drilling with low safety factors and hard operation conditions. For products not lram in this catalog, please contact our Technical Sales Department at 6.

A softer surface contact that increases wire rope life and reduces sheave friction wear. High performance wire rope, fully coated and filled with a solid polymer, specially developed for high demand applications, where tensile, bending and compression forces are combined. For products not displayed in this catalog, please contact our Technical Sales Department at 7. Perfect load distribution and maximum bending fatigue strength. Softer surface contact that uram wire rope life and reduces sheave friction wear.

Maximum breaking load due to increased metal section. Increased resistance to lateral compression in the drum. Premium high performance wire rope, developed with combined technologies and the selection of 52221 materials. Designed with compacted strands, fully coated and filled with a solid polymer, it provides an excellent performance under high demanding conditions where tensile, bending, abrasion and compression forces are combined.


For products not displayed in this catalog, please contact our Technical Sales Department at 8. Provides high performance at low cost. For products not displayed in this catalog, please contact our Technical Sales Department at 9. Corrosion resistant as a result of the use of mineral-based lubricants with anti-corrosion additives, which provide high adherence and penetration.

Lubricated polypropylene fiber core, resistant to acids.

The secondary steel wire rope in the workover and completion equipment is called sand line, also known as swabbing wire or swabbing line. Its 6×7 construction, with a high density synthetic fiber core, is the most popular for this application as it provides high resistance to abrasion and corrosion combined with a low cost.

Steel wire ropes for ONSHORE OIL & GAS. Edition: April 2017

For products not displayed in this catalog, please contact our Technical Sales Department at The winch truck wire ropes are always under high demanding 55221 combined with reduced drum and roller size.

The IPH wire rope provides high tensile strength and great flexibility with a reduced cost. IPH has a modern slings manufacturing plant that supplies the market with a full range of combinations between wire ropes and fittings, whose most popular configurations are: Mast raising line with spelter sockets. Mast rig structural wire rope slings. Wire rope slings 52221 general lifting, also with standard and customized fittings. Workload, Brand and Manufacturing Lot N.

The hexagonal shape of the sleeve allows for a more complete and legible marking, both by the manufacturer and by the user. IPH s reliability, support and certification.

Fitting fixation with resin, including testing at twice the working load. Addition to the widest variety of components with the backing and safety that characterize the IPH brand. Development and design of special configurations. Field engineering applied to each irqm and improvement opportunities analysis, according to every customer needs. Modern testing laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art machinery that can simulate actual operation efforts and conditions, enabling us to validate and guarantee rope performance.

Steel, synthetic and natural fiber core production. Fitting installation as sockets, standard and custom-made swage end terminals. Conditioning and packaging development according to every need. Wooden and steel reels manufacture. Process automation and real time controls of key variables. Constant training for clients about good practices regarding the use and application of steel wire ropes, including installation, inspection and discard criteria.

Process and type certification. Third party tests and certifications. Since its beginnings, IPH developed a business model based on innovation and high technology investment. Its high quality and customer service standards allow the company to be present among the most competitive markets in the five continents.

Located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, its square meters covered plant with capacity to produce up to Tons per month, combines cutting edge technology, highly qualified manpower and a Quality System certified by leading international standards.

The planning of the vertically integrated production process involves every component of the steel wire rope, from the self-made wires and steel or fiber cores, until the wooden or steel reels and packaging according to customers specifications.


This integration model is key to the design optimization, productive versatility and sustainability and quality assurance of finished products. In its two modern sales and service 5212, located in Iramm Aires and San Pablo, IPH keeps the widest stock of finished goods along with facilities to manufacture slings for several purposes, cut to length, final conditioning of products, certifications and lab testing; offering the most comprehensive response in solutions for lifting and hoisting devices.

The factory, combined with the two sales and service centers, gives to IPH a highly efficient operation shaping the most modern industrial and logistic complex in Latin America.

Service Center Bella Vista, Argentina. The latest update of the information contained in brochures and documents is available at www. IPH and its associates depicted here have the right to modify and adapt its content without this having any liability.

All pictures and designs shown are for illustration purpose only and they may vary from reality or be subjected to changes and modifications without previous notice. The entire content of this publication is exclusive property of IPH. The concept of verope is to design and to manufacture high quality crane ropes. Our highly competent rope technicians. Deployment of Subsea Equipment: Solutions for Waste Water Treatment Reliable. Application and Purpose The information herein is intended to provide guidance to Surveyors for inspection of.

Paper Cutter, MBM Paper Cutterpart numbers PAD – PAD

Installing the boom hoist and hoisting wires on a ton offshore crane 4 x m 44mm and 1 x m 36mm non-spin. Installing a 90mm non-spin rope in a ton offshore crane. Headquartered in Sfax Tunisia, the company’s Inspection. When your lift weighs hundreds or thousands irram tons and is worth. Designed to work without periodic. Screws Screws for definitive use. Their designs ensure a perfect fit with. The professionals in coated pipelines A comprehensive range We have reduced our machine set-up times to offer a fast turnaround for fusion bonded epoxy, multi-layer and internal pipe coatings.

Calculating the service life of running steel wire ropes Calculating the service life of running steel wire ropes by Dipl. Calculating the number of sustainable. The Stabilizer TM Supplemental support 521 for sagging beams and floor joists within a crawl space Pre-drilled holes in steel plate allow for connection to beam or floor joists. Failure to follow these inspection procedures can cause. Perfect for 3D multi-ais movement applications.

Maintains a pre-determined minimum bend radius Open-style design allows for easy. The life of your tool is crucial in powder compacting processes. With Uddeholm Steel for Powder Compacting, you can increase. Formula It is generally accepted that the maximum available traction is dependent upon three major factors: The oil and gas industry exposes manufacturers and service companies to some of the most challenging environments anywhere.

During wireline operations, cables are routinely run tens of thousands of feet.